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Loopy Moorish Sovereign Residents Arrested On Visitors Cease – jj

Loopy Moorish Sovereign Residents Arrested On Visitors Cease

Check out Scam Stingers for more on these sovcits

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Even moor shenanigans

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  1. You ain't tribal plus you ain't American Indian cause American Indians don't have facial sorry to tell you you are African American that's it Moore law isn't state law. State law came from the u.s. constitution and United States isn't Morocco either

  2. These SovCits and Moors wouldn't push this nonsense so hard if they didn't have criminal records they are trying to do an end-run around. I firmly believe that most of these idiots turn to this because they believe it's a way to get around their criminal past. But then they become so brainwashed, they lose all sight of reality.

  3. Ok fools if you Tribal then you have to be on Tribal Lands. Then Tribal Police will do the same thing. Once you come off Tribal Lands you are subject to the laws that everyone else has to follow.

    I know this because the Cherokee Resveration inform the Tribe. Tribal Cops are worse than Non-Tribal Cops.

  4. If these were the only crimes committed by these street thugs we could shrug our shoulders snd chalk it off yo we are a declining nation like Germany and thank heavens were only on the beginning of that decline. But it s their murders attempted murres burglary. Secondary thefts of property. Theft of public money and obstruction of justice. And that s just the tip of the ice berg snd they work in collusion with judicial officers with the populace their enemy

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