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Espinazo del Diablo from Durango to Mazatlan – jj

Espinazo del Diablo from Durango to Mazatlan

There are some versions about the name that this area received; One of them says that the impressive ravines that unfold on both sides of the road make the devil see.

The Espinazo del Diablo is located at kilometer 168 of highway 40 that connects the city of Durango with the port of Mazatlan, and covers a stretch of road of approximately 10 km, where you can contemplate the wonderful show offered by the Sierra Madre Occidental.

The road runs between mountains and deep ravines cut from the pit. For this reason, the work that represented the construction of this road is admirable, which, in some sections, on one side there are slopes and on the other great precipices. Also, along the way you pass through a series of small towns that have about ten or twelve houses at most; in other places you only see some cabins lost in the bush.

The viewpoint of Buenos Aires is about 5 or 6 km from the west side, before reaching El Espinazo del Diablo. From there you have an extraordinary panoramic view since it is the highest point of the route.

If the mountains are observed from this place, different figures are noticed according to the combination of light and shadow of that moment and, naturally, of the imagination of each one; The silhouettes of three assembled friars can be distinguished, formed by three very small mountains located in the distance. There are people who claim to have seen the silhouette of the devil. Anyway, the interesting thing is to stop at that place and see what figures we discovered …

The viewpoint of El Espinazo del Diablo has a unique view due to its height (a plate in the indicated place at an altitude of 2 400 masl) on both sides, since it is between two deep ravines, so it is worth getting out of the car and contemplate the immense extension and the incomparable beauty of the Sierra Madre Occidental.


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  1. Su puta madre desde que sales de Durango hasta llegar a Mazatlán pura pinche curva llegue mirado a Mazatlán a pinches caguamas me desestresaron al puro pedo saludos a todos los que llegan bien mojados del fuuunnndddiii.

  2. Yo soy 1000% chilango y antes de que me remienten la madre. Déjenme decirles que he trabajado por esos rumbos y he conocido mucha gente de Sinaloa y Durango y sí, esa carretera está muy cabrona aunque la vista de la sierra lo vale. Lo único más bonito que esas vistas son las morras de esos rumbos. Guapotas, querendonas y platiconas.

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