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Germany's ambassador to satisfy Mohan Bhagwat and communicate on controversy Walter – jj

Germany's ambassador to satisfy Mohan Bhagwat and communicate on controversy Walter


German Ambassador Walter J. Lindner with Mohan BhagwatImage copywrite

Germany's ambassador to India, Walter J. Lindner, said after the controversy over meeting with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur that he went there to know about RSS there.

In an interview given to The Hindu newspaper, Lindner said, "I went there to educate myself about this institution."

He said, "I have read very negative and very positive articles about it, from his social work, to accusations of fascism, and I wanted to make my own opinion. I asked many questions from Shri Bhagwat."

Very few of the diplomats living in India have communicated with the RSS publicly. In this way, many people have also been considered as unusual for Lindner's RSS headquarters.

After his visit, an online petition has been begun and his resignation has been sought. This petition was initiated by South Asia Affairs analyst Peter Friedrich.

Almost one thousand people have supported this petition.

On 17 July, Lindner shared the photos of the meeting with Bhagwat at the RSS headquarters on Twitter.

Image copywrite

In the tweet, Lindner wrote, "Traveled to RSS headquarters in Nagpur and talked long time with Sarasanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, founded in 1925. This organization is the largest volunteer organization in the world – though it is not considered indisputable in its entire history. Used to be."

It has been said in the petition that Lindner's visit to India is "accepted" by RSS ideology, which is influenced by fascist movements.

The petition says, "Germany should not show tolerance towards fascism in any form, especially against fascist groups such as RSS which have been taking inspiration from Nazi Germany and other fascist campaigns."

The petitioner has said that in this case German Chancellor Angela Merkel and External Affairs Minister Hecho Mass should intervene.

Questioning the clarity of Lindner, Peter Friedrich wrote in a tweet, "Do you see a person who is educating himself or those who have made their minds." You are the co-founder of the RSS This is showing respect in this way. "

Lindner went to see the metro project in Germany with the financial support of Germany in Nagpur. In addition to meeting Bhagwat, he also visited the ancestral home of the first RSS chief K. B. Hedgewar.

In a tweet, the RSS said, "Germany's Ambassador to India, Mr. Walter J. Lindner called on Sarasanghchalak Mohan Jee Bhagwat in Nagpur today and also saw the paternal residence of Dr. Hedgewar and paid tribute to Smriti Mandir."

Many people have also criticized Twitter about the visit of Lindner. Writer and assistant professor of South Asia History Assistant Professor Audrey Trashky wrote on Twitter: "I am amazed at the depth of Ambassador Lindner's immorality and moral unhinderedness. In the first fifty years of the twentieth century, teach the lesson of hate to the RSS in Germany's Kali Heritage At least now he can stay away from the RSS. "

In another tweet, he said, "Chancellor Merkel criticized Ilham Omar and other female Congress MPs for racist and dangerous remarks of President Trump.But he has no objection to his own ambassador going to such an organization that Muslims Looks like Nazi Jews were watching. "

In a conversation with The Hindu, Walter Lindner has said that as a German he is aware of the history of this institution in the 1930-40. He said that I know that some RSS leaders have taken inspiration from Nazi Germany and I spoke to Bhagwat about this too. He said, "I have made many questions about fundamentalism and these questions are not simple answers."

He told the RSS as a 'people's movement' and said that his visit to RSS headquarters in Nagpur is part of his efforts to understand 'Indian Mosaic'.

He said, "RSS is also a part of that mosaic that makes India. You can not deny that it is a mass movement, and whether someone likes it or not, that is it."

India and Germany are a key ally. India-German summit is also proposed in October or November this year. To join, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will also come to India. Ambassador Lindner, before visiting the cities of India, are discussing this.

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