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Greenhouse Gases and International Warming – jj

Greenhouse Gases and International Warming

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  1. Planes are the problem they burn silly amounts of fuel up in the atmosphere they are over 100000 planes up in the sky every minute burning tons of fuel, wake up people, dont believe governments

  2. Before one can deny global warming, one must first deny the physical science of the greenhouse effect:
    “It is when visible light of the ‘electromagnetic spectrum’ passes through the atmosphere, it strikes and warms the surface of Earth as the result of being converted to infrared radiation (IR). Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases absorb and reradiate this heat. It is this heat index that is increased as the volume of greenhouse gases increases in the atmosphere.”

    Greenhouse Gas Demo (4 minute):

    Greenhouse Gases Explained (2 min.):

    Greenhouse Effect Explained (5 min):

    Has Greenhouse Effect Been Falsified?:

    Postings relating to general topic of greenhouse effect:

  3. The exponential increase in the CO2 level in the earth’s atmosphere. CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases emitted from volcanic eruptions, car exhausts, factories exhaust, burning of fuels like coal, wood, dry leaves, etc. CO2 is responsible for trapping the solar energy coming from the cosmic radiations. It does not allow the heat to escape from the earth’s atmosphere and hence the temperature increases causing global warming. Source: http://www.ecologicalblog.com/2018/03/01/global-warming-is-real-you-can-start-worrying-now/

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