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Harsh and Passive-Aggressive Communication | Marriage At the moment | Jimmy Evans – jj

Harsh and Passive-Aggressive Communication | Marriage At the moment | Jimmy Evans

Jimmy Evans discusses the cause and effects of harsh, dishonest and passive-aggressive forms of communication in marriage. Sex, Love and Communication …



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  1. i get punished for everything! My husband learned the middle finger was what he said, was a joke! Not to me, but my heart didn't matter, and nothing was stressful, until then? He says he a Christian!

  2. The Bible says to provide things honest in the sight of all men. It does not say “women, learn to stuff your feelings and walk on eggshells by encrypting your language in order not to offend your husband’s sensibilities.” The Bible says the husband is to honor the wife, not the other way around. This advice is neither biblical nor practical.

  3. Communication difficulties is a very general issue but everyone’s circumstances differ even if similar circumstances exist. No one is abnormal, there are just different areas of concern that are specific to a couple’s inability to communicate in a healthy manner that demonstrates lovr and all the things that come along with healthy communication. Some people suffer through different spirits that effect who they are toward their spouse that’s why you have to include god completely and give him all control! You have the right to communicate any feeling you have when you’ve placed god at the head of your life and marriage and you have the ability to follow his lead in handling the response and reaction you’re faced with! This video will always be relevant to unhealthy communication in general and specific to what it addresses!

  4. this only helps some. a women can be as kind.gentle. and poise with her words and her husband will still blow up. no matted how much she encrypts her language. love is key and most men dont have it within their egos of dominance

  5. I think a number of marriage difficulties stem from people's relationships with their siblings. Passive aggresive behavior is taught between two or more immature minds. A mature person recognizes that passive aggressive behavior defeats the purpose. The behavior does not get you what you want, so why waste your energy? Plus, if you really love someone you don't want him or her to feel bad. The better your spouse feels, the easier it is to enjoy the time you two share. Nothing can be gained by trying to teach your spouse (or any adult) a lesson. What you are really saying is that you are an angry person and you do not believe your spouse is thoughtful or intelligent. Even though it is the most difficult thing you can do, have faith. If faith doesn't work, then that is ok. Renew faith in yourself and know that you are not alone in this struggle. Marriage takes 100% effort by both people. You are not expected to carry the weight alone.

  6. "Eyes Wired Shut" is what I'm hearing right now. After reading the last two comments of Aletheia and her follower that commented about Aletheia "blowing it out of the water", I prayed to hear it the way you heard it, then replayed that message so I could understand your comment. Being a Strong Woman as well, whose had similar experiences, I can see where frustration and agitation with that situation could Easily rest on you. However, I Chose to make a Decision to ask My FATHER to show me Me as well, and HIS Purpose For The BOTH Of Us Through It All. This kept me from only seeing his faults. I was like an Angel when we married, but his behavior, and not wanting to see himself made me feel provoked to all types of things. But Through It All, Because Of The LOVE AND My Real Intimate Relationship With My LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, Eventually I had to Choose to use the Power as ND Strength GIVEN By GOD To VIEW THROUGH A DIFFERENT LENSE… GOD ALMIGHTIES. As much as I felt hurt, I wanted to forward what was right in GODS EYES, not mine. Is it comfortable, NO, It Hurts To Do The Right Thing Sometimes, but Long Suffering is A Fruit of the SPIRIT OF GOD. Just as JESUS Was WILLING To SUFFER For Our Old Crazy, Wavering, Dirty Selves, To Complete The Plan of SALVATION, That We Might Be Delivered and Set Free, We Too Have To Go Through Some Suffering For Others Whose Paths We May Cross. Remember, if JESUS didn't suffer the CROSS, We Wouldn't Have Access To HEAVEN. When we claim to be a Christian, we have to bare a Cross in different forms. Without the help of GOD, WE CAN'T BE SUCCESSFUL. But through the Power of JESUS BLOOD, We Can Do It, BUT IT'S A CHOICE. Trusting GOD TOTALLY, Through Your Pain Will Make YOU, Ms. A, a Victor Regardless of what your spouse decides to do. Question: When it's all said and done, Can You HONESTLY Say That You've Done ALL That You HAD The Power To Do… Inspite of Your Spouse? Can You??? Note::: Doing Your Best, Even With The POWER If GOD, Does Not Mean Your Spouse Will Change Right Away, Because he does have a choice too. Do Your Part As A True and Strong Woman of GOD, And ALLOW GOD To Deal With Your Hubby. HE'S Always Working On Our Behalf. We just don't feel it sometimes.

    Sometimes when we're going through, we can sometimes become what we Don't like. The enemy can influence us to Take Offense With A Word That Is Meant To Heal Us. The enemy has been taking GODS WORD and flipping it since the Garden of Eden, and because Eve Allowed the voice or thought to penetrate her mind toooooooo long, we are where we are now.

    I know this is a year old message, and I Pray that the both of you have grown, or at least have the Desire To Grow Spiritually… Even the spouse. Who Knows How GOD Will Use You A D Your Marriage To GLORIFY HIS KINGDOM (Amen).

    I started out with "Eyes Wired Shut", because We can be the reason that the scales are still there, Without Seeing That We Are The Cause For Our Own Blindness, Due To Unforgiveness, Grudges, Blame Game (though your pain is justifiable), etc. Also, things and advice that people tell you that you are to follow Is Easier Said Than Done, especially if your shoes hadn't been walked in by them. I Can Say That I Do UNDERSTAND, Because I've Been There. GOD WON'T FAIL YOU! Sometimes our JOYOUS ENDING Is Not The Way We Thought, But It's Still All GOOD:).

    I pray you have a strong support system, And real friends who will hold you Accountable In Love, and Not Become A Cheerleader that's keeps you a victim.

    I also pray that what I was led to share while I really wanted to be in bed, so I can be ready for 8:00 service in a few hours, will be received with an open and pure heart.

    Love You Sis! Please Stay Encouraged!!!!

    Trina M.

  7. The advice you give here will work if you are dealing with a normal spouse. But if you are dealing with a personality disordered person this advice will not apply. People take what you say to heart. But you are assuming that the difficult spouse is normal. Personality disorders are not normal and more common than one might expect, and trying to deal with that type person as a normal person is a recipe for crazy making .

  8. This sends the wrong message. I am a secure woman who wants respect with an insecure husband (who I deeply love) who wants validation. Reacting with compassion towards someone who behaves passive aggressively is very much a challenge despite compassion being the goal, but has NOTHING to do with a person's sex. Being "soft" with your husband will do NOTHING to placate him if he is PA and does not love and accept himself FIRST. It will lead him to abuse you emotionally. This video is essentially telling women to tiptoe around their husbands' fragile egos instead of the husband developing his emotional intelligence and taking responsibility in adulthood for childhood wounds. I appreciate your trying to help, but perpetuating the Mars/Venus stereotype is unhelpful, and worse, harmful to relationships. Not all men want and need the same things and the same goes for women. Most don't know that, however, because social input like this video constantly endeavors to tell men and women how they are supposed to think, feel and behave. Every human being deserves love and compassion, and we should all strive to give it freely, but that does not mean it absolves an individual – man or woman – from recognizing and working through their own crap so that they can in turn be loving and compassionate toward others.

  9. just want to let you know that it is not too late to recover your marriage! i have also been through hard times recently but im so happy i stayed with my wife now. here's the site that saved me… bitly.com16tTwxP

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