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Hong Kong: Tear gasoline shells left on demonstrators – jj

Hong Kong: Tear gasoline shells left on demonstrators


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Following violence in support of Democracy in Hong Kong, the police left tear gas shells after the violence spread.

The clash between the police and the demonstrators began when the protesters did not stop after warning.

Protesters were throwing eggs on growing buildings towards China's central government office.

Earlier this protest began in protest against the extradition law, under which the accused could be extradited to China so that they could be prosecuted there. But now it has started to involve other issues including democracy.

During the demonstration on Sunday, some protesters shipped spray paint on CCTV cameras outside the police station and threw plastic bottles at the police.

Organizers of Sunday's demonstrations claim that more than 4,30,000 people attended. However, the police has given the figure of 1,38,000.

Outside a Chinese government building, some protesters have written slogans with spray paints. There is a slogan, "You taught us that peaceful demonstrations have no advantage."

At a metro station, some masked people attacked the pro-democracy people. People in the video are being attacked by rods.

According to the local media, seven people have been taken to the hospital after the incident.

Earlier on Saturday, against the violent demonstration and support of the police, there was another rally in which thousands of people were involved.

  • Hong Kong protests in Parliament, demolition
  • Protesters clash at police headquarters

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Due to these protests, Hong Kong has created a huge crisis in recent times.

However, the local government has stopped extending the extradition bill but the exhibitions are not taking the name of the halt.

The Hong Kong was previously occupied by Britain, but after handing it over to China it was given the right to limited autonomy under 'One country two system'.

It has its own justice system and legal system which is independent of main China.

This is the seventh consecutive week when mass demonstrations are on the streets and tens of thousands of people are descending on the streets.

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