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How do vegetation develop on the toxic land of Chernobyl? – jj

How do vegetation develop on the toxic land of Chernobyl?


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The city of Ukraine is the second name of the Chernobyl catastrophe. The memories of the biggest atmic tragedy of human history here in 1986 have now been refreshed due to a recent TV show.

Thousands of people were victims of cancer due to this accident. For a time, the large populated area was transformed into a desolate and devastated city. Due to the accident, 2600 sq km of land near the Chernobyl nuclear plant was completely stopped on the arrival of humans.

Recently the government of Ukraine has decided to open the area around Chernobyl for the tourists. Tourist routes and corridors will be developed for this.

The scientists, though, are still dangerous to go around the old nuclear plant. But, the area in which it is forbidden to go, it has reproduced it again.

Today there are large numbers of pigs, wolves and bears in that area. In addition to this, the dense green forest has also flourished with great enthusiasm.

Within three years of the accident in April 1986, greenery came back around the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Due to nuclear disaster, humans and other mammalian animals are killed in large numbers. But, here the plants have suffered a terrible attack of radiation.

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After the nuclear leak, large areas of Ukraine and Belarus were stripped, but today there are large number of trees and plants

How do plants bear a nuclear accident?

Before answering this question, we have to understand how radiation affects the body of the organisms.

The radioactive element coming out of the Chernobyl nuclear plant is unstable. Because the radiation is continuously coming out from it. Rooting waves attack cells and destroy them.

If a cell gets injured, then it gets repaired in a generic fashion. But, if there is more radiation, then it affects the DNA of the cells.

If the DNA becomes distorted then the cells die very soon. Due to light radiation, there is a change in the composition of the cells. This is why cancer happens.

Radiation has a very bad effect on animals. Because the cells of their body are very developed and do different types of work. Radiation attacks are on them, they do not have much resources to defend. The body of any animal is like a machine. In which each cell has a special task like the parts of the machine. Just as a machine parts work by moving from one side to another, similarly the cells of the body of animals also perform different activities and run an organism. No human can live without brain, heart or lungs.

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Due to a blast in a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, 54 people are held responsible for the death, but radiation is said to be the reason for the death of thousands of people.

How are tree plants different?

The plants of plants and animals are developed differently. Since the plants can not move from their place, then they have to face every difficulty while standing firm.

In the changed circumstances, the ability to make changes in oneself is more in plants and plants. Therefore, according to the situation, trees and plants are long, short or deep roots. Plants develop, according to the air, water, light and nutrients present in the atmosphere.

Contrary to animal cells, plant plants have more capacity to repair. They also create new cells according to need. That's why you might have noticed that the gardener spins the branches and grows new plants. The roots come from a new twig.

This means that plants can easily replace their dead cells against animals. Regardless of whether the cells were damaged by radiation or chewing an animal

Radiation or any other way when plants damage the plants, they also become tumors. The cells are twisted. But these tumors do not spread in other parts of the plant's body. As with animals having cancer, it happens. Because there is a strong wall between plant cells.

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The terrain around Chernobyl has become the home of many wild beasts

Ways to Avoid Radiation

Tumors that grow in plant cells are not so fatal that they become deadly for plants. Because the plants know better than the animals to avoid such bad tissues.

These basic measures of their protection are also planted. But plants growing around the Atomic Plant in Chernobyl have also devised ways and means to save DNA of their cells from radiation.

They have adopted new methods of repairing the zakhmi cells by radially changing their texture.

When life was developing on Earth, as much radiation was, there was little radiation coming out of the Chernobyl plant today. Even then the first plants were developed. Plants' cells used to protect itself from radiation at the time, perhaps plants growing near the Chernobyl plant today are preserving themselves using the same recipe.

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Carnobil is more populated today

Today, thousands of colors of life are found around the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Breeds of many plants and animals are populated here. Rather they are much more than the 1986 nuclear accident.

The way human beings died after the accident in the nuclear plant. Many generations have been damaged, given the reincarnation of the living near the plant is shocking. There were no two opinions in the reaction of the nuclear plant due to which the radiation was born, it had a great effect on other animals and plants besides humans.

But even today on earth, there are opportunities for more life to grow than face death. This is happening in Chernobyl.

The important thing is that more than the damage caused by the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, it has benefited from the departure of humans from here.

Today we can call the area around Chernobyl as Europe's most popular protected area. Around the closed nuclear plant there are more lives today than before 1986. Even if their age has diminished.

Seeing the Revival of Consciousness in Chernobyl, it becomes clear how human beings have increased the burden on the environment. Atmic accident led to a loss here. Yet, there is less damage than the radiation in the Chernobyl against the presence of humans.

Due to radiation, the person should chase down his feet with Chernobyl, and seeing the opportunity, he took the entire area into his lap.

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