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How To Open Your Inground Swimming Pool! – jj

How To Open Your Inground Swimming Pool!

In this highly informative video, swimming Pool expert Marcus Sheridan of www.PoolSchool.us shows the basic steps of opening an inground swimming pool after it has been closed for the season. Such steps as plug removal and pump priming are covered in this educational how-to video.


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  1. Question, we were told to run filter for 48 hrs straight during first open. Would you recommend continuing to run 24/7 until pool is completely clear? Or go to 6-8 hours and wait?

  2. not a bad video but I'd think that pool school would cover the reason WHY the pool was green to begin with…  Before you close your pool, you should make sure that your chemicals are at the appropriate level including the pool water level, then use a pool winterizing kit, recirc the pool water and put the cover on.  When you get to this stage of opening the pool, all you have to do is vacuum off the dirt/whatever you missed last fall at closing which should be almost nothing.  my pool is always clear with in 4-6 hours and never green when opening. 🙂

  3. I recently opened my pool for the summer. I had the sand filter turned
    on and the skimmer was taking in water and it was going through the pool
    circulating everything was normal. I had a alot of algae and green
    stuff at the bottom of my pool .i then started to vacuum my pool once i
    saw everything was working good. When i started to vacuum the pool on
    waste every 5 minutes its seemed like the filter basket on the pump was
    clogged and i lost my vacuum suction.So I would go over top the pump
    clean out the basket do a quick back wash and recirculate.Then the
    system would work ok for another 5 minutes. The 3 rd time this happened I
    went top the pump shut it off and stuck my hand in the pump to see if
    it was blocked and i pulled hand fulls of sand out of the pump?. After i
    cleaned the sand i got everything closed up i opened the water and the
    pump was trying to move but couldn't i guess it still had sand in it so
    i shut it off right away. (1.) I wanted to know what i have done wrong
    to get sand go back into the pump and (2). how to fix it. I was assuming
    that i disconnect the pump and turn it upside down to get the sand out
    and try to flush it out with the hose? Not sure what to do ?

  4. I've used your video twice to open my pool, which saves me $300 each time. I really appreciate your time! I also have a heater, so I had to replace the plugs on the heater. That was the only thing I had to figure out on my own. Again, thanks!

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