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I HAVE A TICK. Group dynamics – jj

I HAVE A TICK. Group dynamics

Spectacular sequence captured minutes after the inauguration ceremony of the 1st North Macro-regional Encounter of Facilitators (es) of Peru. AWAKENING THE HUMAN POTENTIAL.

In this one, the psychologist David Patiño of the CEJA institution (city of Lima), who was formidable, presented a dynamic of group heating called "I HAVE A TICK", which enthusiastically mobilized the whole group of participants.

This 1st Encounter was held with great success in the beautiful and welcoming northern city of Chiclayo, was organized by PSINAPSIS (city of Chiclayo), diirigida by the charismatic psychologist Marianna Melgar, in the facilities of the San Agustín School on days 27 and 28 of November 2010.

There was an important Chiclayana assistance, which even attracted facilitators (s) from Piura, Trujillo, Cajamarca and Pichanaqui. DH FACILITADORES promoted -FELIZ- this event from Lima.



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  1. Es tremendo éste caballero,es tan divertido,activo . Es un máster en ésto de dinámicas grupales. Hice ésta dinámica en mi lugar de trabajo con niños y padres y el resultado fue' genial gracias a éste señor . Mi admiración y respeto.

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