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I Love You- Spoken Phrase – jj

I Love You- Spoken Phrase

The first time I let you go, I let your leaf fall from my tree. I let your soul seep from my veins. I let your heart break me. Yeah, I knew you’d been talking to her.



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  1. “I wanted you and I finally have you” a boy said this to me. His friend said to me “what he wanted was you, Layla, and he thought it will never be. Now y’all are dating. Now y’all like each other. He hugs you every day. He smiles because of you. Layla, don’t hurt him, please don’t”. We were friends. I went to a dance knowing he’ll be there. He asked me out and everything except my mind, the negative parts of it, said yes. So… I said yes. I get lost in his eyes. I am found with him on my mind. All I want is to make him happy, but he asked me about the numerous kids I hang out with, the numerous kids that asked me out. He tells people to leave me alone. He tells people that I’m his and he’s mine. But even when I’m right next to him the thought of him not seeing me makes him sad and quiet. That thought makes him miss me. I really like him but I’m always empty. He calls me beautiful and amazing all the time. He’s almost perfect. People are hating on me for dating him. I don’t care tho. I like him. What would you do in this situation?

  2. You are psycho fucking bitch one time saying trust is the dangerous game and another time saying I love you and another time saying wolves are not pet and saying fuck you. You are bare weight to this world, you better go and die. You fucking bitch.

  3. ? That’s so Touching!!? I have totally felt like that!? There’s this guy I know I have known since we were both young he’s always had a place on my heart ❤️ I love him dearly and I will till the day I die!! I call him my handsome ? king/Prince Charming he’s been my best friend for years! Maybe one day our dream can come true!? he knows we are strong together and ?nothing can break our love ❤️ I’ll forever love you the most???? don’t forget your #1queen loves you the most till her last breath!! Her love ? is true!! ?????? I ❤️U!! ? I hope he never forgets who I am!????

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