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Chortle your method to a greater marriage Half 4 – jj

Chortle your method to a greater marriage Half 4


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  1. There us a lot of good stuff here. Though, and i hope he covers it later, the key to a guys heart is safety and security.

    Every single time i have been vulnerable with a woman, at some time in the future she has used that information against me. In an argument or disagreement or just to manipulate me to get what she wants.

    The key to a mans heart is to treat his fears, concerns, life worries with respect and decency. Each time a woman violates that, she is telling the man "I don't care about you. I care so little about your deepest fears i will use this to make you do something you don't want to do. You as a human being are nothing. "

  2. Really great material, and funny also! My husband has told me, “I put a roof over your head and food on the table!” I told him, “My dad did that.” Didn’t work! I told him about these videos, he said he will watch them with me!! Now let’s see if this works??

  3. A man wanting sexual release every 72 hours yet a woman NOT wanting pregnancy and childbirth every 72 hours means somebody is lying! A woman having sex with a man to whom she is not married because he asked for it or ambushed and overpowered her for his own selfish longing (Proverbs 18:1) means Mama, who birthed them both, is folding her arms and raising her son to screw his sister and himself out of a future and then blame his sister for saying "yes" to him without marriage and for him not wanting to marry her afterward; which means somebody is lying again!

    How does this "preacher" stand before God — who'd told the sinful Eve at Genesis 3:16 that HE would greatly increase the pain of her pregnancy and that in birth pangs she would bring forth children, MEANING her want of sex with pregnancy and increased labor pains would be lessened and so would man's want of sex in natural accommodation of her yet (despite that curse) her craving would be for her husband (Adam, who'd just arrogantly blamed God for his sin and disowned her to HIS Face as more deserving of the sentence of death than him for the same sin (vs. 12) and he would wrongly dominate her — stand before Adam's sons today and vindicate their endless want of sex (fornication, adultery AND prostitution) while blaming Eve's fornicating daughters of today for agreeing to their own future marital ruin, instead of confirming with every man present that from beginning to end, every Bible Scripture speaking against fornication, adultery AND prostitution and the financial ruin of THEIR future is addressed to MEN, CLEARLY meaning men — and certainly, unmarried men — can survive without sex every 72 hours?

    And how does this "preacher" stand before Paul — who at 1 Corinthians 7:3 speaks in agreement with God to Eve at Genesis 3:16 when he says to EVERY MAN in EVERY English Bible translation in existence: "Let the husband render to his wife HER marital due [FIRST, as the menstruating spouse who alone will suffer the pain of repeated pregnancy and childbirth], but let the wife also do likewise to her husband [SECOND, as the non-menstruating spouse that will suffer no pregnancy and childbirth pain]" — and blame all Eve's daughters of today for agreeing to their brothers' want of fornication, adultery, prostitution and THEIR marital ruin instead of confirming with every man present that Bible Scriptures clearly show from beginning to end that fornication, adultery and prostitution ARE THE RUIN OF EVERY MAN?

    Why is this "preacher," then, not confirming this truth with every man that their want of sex every 72 hours is a learned habit that does not agree with woman's capability for conception and pregnancy, since all Eve's daughters today are still under God's curse on Eve of dread of pregnancy and childbirth pain, that, in fact, at 1 Corinthians 7:37-38, Paul concludes that every man is best off if he KEEPS HIS VIRGINITY; which many 21st-century men permanently ruined by fornication, adultery and prostitution have learned the hard way?

  4. "The key to getting what you want is giving your spouse what they want."
    That is very true, and very wise.

    I think the reason many women brush aside physical intimacy as non-important or even discusting is partly because they dont realize this is an actual need for guys, and partly because of the rape culture/ unhealthy & distorted view our society has concerning physical intimacy. It's taboo to talk about it. The incorrect messages we get are: 'Sex is bad before marriage, but good after marriage.' 'After marriage sex can happen whenever the guy wants it, and whenever he wants it it should happen', ect….. Men and women need to work together on this in marriage.

  5. So how do you get to a wife's heart if she never intended to give it to you in the first place? My wife was a product of divorced parents and was raised by her mother in another state. She always dreamed of the day her and her father could finally be together. After marriage, they never changed their roles within the whole leaving and cleaving thing. She made all the decisions for our life with her father and once I mentioned it they just grew tighter together. After 14 years of marriage and 10 years of marriage counseling, marriage seminars, marriage sermons, bible studies and friends and family advice, I still to this day hear my wife tell me her father is her number one man. They discuss every aspect of our lives and decide what we are going to do together. I don't even get told what has been decided. I either see the results or overhear something. Her heart was never for the taking because she gave it to her father. Our marriage life, sex life, parenting life (including the actual kids) and friendship are completely dysfunctional.

  6. Hilarious thanks. But in defense of smiley face, its creator had far greater intent than a mere act of recreation for husbands and a chore for wives. Jesus referred to it as "two becoming one flesh", and Paul, “a profound mystery”. Now that really is something to get excited about. It also happens to mark the beginning of our very existence. Small wonder then that the devil has reduced such a precious gift to a swear word and object of derision, along with the name of the creator Himself.

  7. Is this guy really a Christian pastor? Not once out of the six videos I’ve watched of his has he referenced a Bible verse or anything about us loving one another like Christ loves the Church, not for what He can get out of the Church, but because He is God and is love. With that kind of love of course we will want to be intimate with one another. I pray he is a Christian and will learn to incorporate the Scriptures into his teaching because he is right about our minds working differently from one another’s.

  8. Val lee. You are pathetic. Does that means, you are going to complain somewhere, because, you got something against the delivery of the sermon. Did you complained in school, because, you didn't like the teacher's delivery of the class. When someone reminds how pathetic is your thought process in some circumstances of your daily life, you reset your immature behavior, coming from whining, nagging and behave more like an adult in your married relationships. The way he approaches the subjects, make people at ease by the fun way he delivers to the congregation. People laugh, because, they've been told the truth in a jovial way. This way people, learn not to be silly again, because, it's what it is, laughable behavior. If he would've deliver his sermon about human behavior in a serious manner, it would sound heavy, censurable, reproachable. Do you know, that you can not tell americans, anywhere, when they are in the wrong, because, they curse at you. Did you notice, even, when people are driving and cutting you off, how they pass by and look at you as you were at fault, when they were the ones at fault. You do whatever you want at people, because you think you are entitle to crap at others. I don't do to others, what I don't want others do to me. Simple. Uphold respect to others, no matter who they are. That is why, the world don't like you. It's about your attitude.

  9. And if you ain’t got the green forget about the ring! The biggest thing preventing men from from pursuing women is a lack of financial confidence. Men dropped the ball and let feminism ruin the market place. Now we’re left with the isolation of pornography and dead end jobs in a mediocre existence; and it will be the end of civilization if we aren’t able to turn back to God and let Him fix. Lord knows we can’t do it under our own strength. It’s the most viscous cycle in human history. Men everywhere are simply giving up, and what’s so dangerous is just how tempting it is!

  10. Glad he stands for purity! Yes, praise God for what Irish stated, it is about getting back to Scripture and its holy wisdom and taking significant time to learn the Bible cover to cover. Though it does assist to understand how men think and I know it helps me when my husband is totally quiet. I naturally think is something wrong? Is he not happy with me or something else? Yes, men sometimes simply need their silent time and I need mine as well. Though I do not believe in comedy time in the church and wisdom of the differences can be handled in a more respective way which honors the LORD. Of course, all Biblical admonishes for both men and women should be taught in the church, including women dressing modestly, being silent in the church, wearing the head-covering if a woman is married and is submissive to her husband; plus, having long hair. Both loving and respecting each other, possessing pure speech, not setting evil things before one's eyes such as is common on the television are important to stress. One could go on and on with the necessities.

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