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neil armstrong land on moon on 21 july 1969 with nasa apollo 11 mission. 50 years in the past, on the moon, the person had put step one, right here is the remarkable mission – jj

neil armstrong land on moon on 21 july 1969 with nasa apollo 11 mission. 50 years in the past, on the moon, the person had put step one, right here is the remarkable mission


new Delhi : July 21, 1969. The date of 50 years ago, when the person had made history by placing the first step on the moon, as well as opened the door to the possibilities of reaching the remote space in the future. The launch of Apollo 11 on July 16, 1969. On July 21, at 2:56 p.m. American astronaut Neil Armstrong had put the first step on the moon. He went to the moon under the Apollo 11 mission of NASA's American Space Agency. Bold with them, Aldrin and Mike Collins also went on the mission. But do you know the foundation of this mission was only in 1961?

The first person was in space in 1961
For the first time in 1961 the man went into space. Astronaut Yuri Gagarin, the then Soviet Union (now Russia), achieved this feat. He sat in the Vostok spacecraft, launched from the Soviet Union, went into the orbit of the Earth and returned to the active land. After this success of the Soviet Union, the then U.S. President John F. Kennedy made the big announcement. He announced that the US would bring the person to the moon within the next 10 years and bring it back efficiently from there.

Success of 1 decade of hard work
NASA has teamed up with the whole team to give it a concrete shape after the human mission on the moon, announced by then-American President John F. Kennedy. NASA has worked hard to bring humans to the moon for nearly a decade. About 5 lakh scientists contributed in this. Hard work from NASA for 24 hours

Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon. File photo

6 years in making lunar modules
NASA was to create a very powerful and strong spacecraft and rocket to send humans to the moon and bring them back to the cleansed Earth. For this, NASA has prepared a lunar module by working hard for nearly 6 years. Named it eagle This lunar module was to land on the moon surface after reaching the rocket in the orbit of the moon.

NASA invented powerful rocket engines to go to the moon and come back from there. It was the world's most powerful combustion engine at that time. To test its capabilities and to increase it, NASA has tested for about 7 years. After this, NASA succeeded in building a very powerful and successful rocket engine.

Success due to Project Gemini
NASA started Project Gemini in 1961 for the possibility of understanding the technology of its human moon mission and giving it a fantasy. This project, which lasted until 1966, was sent back to the earth by sending 10 humans to Earth orbit 10 times. During this time, the effect of space on human body and health was understood. Also many technical things were also understood.

3 American astronauts were also killed
Before sending humans to the moon, NASA also did a test mission. Under this human mission called Apollo 1, three American astronauts were sent to the Earth's orbit first time and brought them back to Earth. This was the rehearsal of NASA's moon mission. When Apollo-1 was launched on January 27, 1967, there was a fire in its cabin. In this incident, three of the space shuttlers – Virgil I Gus Grisam, Ed White and Roger B. Chaufi – passed away. This was a big blow to NASA. But NASA kept up the courage and pushed the mission forward.

Neil Armstrong and 2 others were chosen
Before starting a mission to descend on human beings on behalf of NASA, it was a Confucian who was involved in this mission. For this, NASA raised information about pilots and other experts working in other departments including the US Air Force. NASA felt that under the Moon mission, those people who could have a lot of flight experience can be sent. Under this, NASA foresees pilots testing new planes. NASA shed around 15 test pilots. Now, out of these 15 test pilots, only 3 were to be selected to go to the moon. For this, NASA conducted many tests and after completing every criterion, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins were chosen for their mission.

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins were selected for Apollo-11 Photo NASA

Apollo-11 was launched on July 16
NASA launched the Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969, after a decade of hard work, at 1:32 pm international time. It was launched from Saturn 5 Rocket. There were three stages in this rocket. Launch was shown live on TV all over the world. Along with the launch site, millions of people also came to see it. When Apollo-11 was launched, the nearby buildings were shaken due to the powerful engine.

Apollo 11 entered the orbit of moon on 19 July 1969. But when the astronaut arrives at the orbit of the moon, show them that the surface of the moon is made up of very high and high hills. There were deep pit on the surface of the moon. Astronauts had to find a safe place to land on the moon's surface. NASA had already marked that place after 6 years of hard work, where the space shuttle was to be unloaded. NASA sent many satellites to take photographs of the moon for years to find a safe place. Through these satellite images, the Apollo 11 mission marked the landing site for the person to land.

Yantra landed on 20th July
On July 20, part of the Apollo-11 in the orbit of the moon was to separate the eagle from Colombia and land it on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ride on the eagle for this. Mike Collins stayed at Columbia on the orbit of the moon. This lander eagle had to fly back from the moon and join Columbia in the classroom. About Neil Armstrong and Aldrin, Eagle Lander landed at the moon at around 8 o'clock on July 20, 1969. After this, both of them have been preparing for several hours. Then on July 21, at 2:51 pm Neil Armstrong made the first stint on the moon as a human. After some time Aldrin landed there. Both of them took samples of the surface of the moon and soil. Both spend 21 hours and 31 minutes on the surface of the moon.

The moon had landed on the surface. File photo

After completing the mission on the surface of the moon, both of them sat in the eagle and flew to join Columbia in the orbit of the moon. It was all for the first time in human history. The fuel was low in the eagle, but they reached Skyscroll Columbia on July 21. Both devices connected together These three astronauts returned to Earth on July 24, 1969. Their missiles fell into the Pacific Ocean. The three were kept in separate rooms for 21 days. So that it could be checked that there was no infection of space in it.

Contact was broken after launch
NASA launched Apollo-11 on July 16, 1969. After this, NASA scientists' contact was broken for some time. It was then believed that this device will no longer be able to contact. But when all the three astronauts carried the yacht in the orbit of the moon, the contact of the scientists on earth was reconnected with this device.

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