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New modi accomplished 50 days, know massive and necessary resolution and instructions Modi authorities's 50 days full, these massive choices taken to this point – jj

New modi accomplished 50 days, know massive and necessary resolution and instructions Modi authorities's 50 days full, these massive choices taken to this point


new Delhi: New Modi government The people of the country have great expectations. This is a hopeful government. Therefore, the Modi government is active from the day of oath taking oath. Government's intention was made clear by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on July 5. In the budget speech, he said that our goal is to make the country's economy five trillion (5 trillion) dollars in the next five years. 50 days of the second term of the Modi government have been completed. So far, the government has taken many important decisions, which is a major step towards taking the economy forward and towards social reform.

Decision taken in the interest of farmers
1. For the low cost and high yielding, the government has stressed on the method of cultivation in a conventional manner.

2. 10 thousand Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) will be formed. This institution will work to make the farmers aware and add them to the campaign for agricultural reform.

3. FPO will tell about advanced farming practices which will increase the profitability of the farmers.

4. In order to promote Agriculture-Rural Industries in the financial year 2019-20, 75 thousand entrepreneurs will be assisted under the ASPIRE scheme.

For the better life of the common people, this is the government's goal.
1. By 2022, the government is very serious about the Prime Minister's housing scheme for every family to have its own house. Under this scheme, houses will be constructed for 1.95 crore people in the next two years.

2. On the occasion of Independence 75th anniversary (2022), the Government aims to facilitate electricity and gas connection in the country's home.

3. By 2024, aims to supply pure leaflets to remote rural areas. Water life mission has been started for this.

4. 'Pradhan Mantri Karam Yogi Mudhodan Yojana' has been started to implement the Pension Scheme for small businessmen. Under this scheme, about 30 million retailers and shopkeepers with turnover of less than 1.5 million will get pension.

5. If you buy a house of up to 45 then interest will be available for 1.5 lakh extra (total 2 lacs 1.5 million = 3.5 lakh). At present, the benefit of this scheme can be raised on loans taken till March 31, 2020.

6. Under the Money Loan Scheme, a woman of Self Help Group (SHG) can take up to one lakh rupees.

These important decisions were taken for the corporate world
1. In the budget for the corporate world, the Modi government has taken many important decisions. Now, corporate tax will be 25 per cent on annual turnover of 400 crore. Initially, the limit was Rs. 250 crores. By increasing the turnover limit, about 99.30 per cent of the companies have come under this scope. Now these companies will have to pay less tax.

2. The Finance Minister said that under the interest forgiveness scheme, all the MSME registered for GST has been allocated Rs. 350 crores in 2019-20 for a 2% interest discount on new or increased debt.
3. Big change has been decided in Labor Law. The government has announced the introduction of four labor codes in place of this law.

4. The 'Stand up India' scheme has been started to bring the SC / ST people forward in entrepreneurship, which will last till 2025.

To Promote Infrastructure and Investment
1. The Modi government has set an investment target of 100 lakh crore in the infrastructure sector over the next five years. A Special Committee will be formed for this, which will work towards long term funding.

2. By 2030, there is a target of 50 lakh crore investment for infrastructure development of the railway. This investment will be done in PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode. Infrastructure development will increase the average speed of the train and it will take less time to cover the distance.

3. Railways will be expanded rapidly in north-east India too.

4. The third railway line will be expanded between Allahabad and Mughalsarai. 2650 crores will be spent for laying a 150-km railway line.

5. 1320 crores to 81 kms of rail line will be constructed between Daharighat and Sahajanawa in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

6. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, Industrial Corridor, Dedicated Freight Corridor, Bharatmala Project, Sagarmala Project, Water Road Development and UDAN Scheme will be expedited for revolution in the field of road transport and other means of transportation.

7. Preparing to open FDI in media, animation and some other sectors is going on.

8. In the insurance sector, 100% FDI will be opened.

9. FDI will also be implemented in single brand retail sector.

10. Global Investor Summit will be organized every year to attract investors. Investors from around the world will be invited to invest in India through NIIF (National Investment and Infrastructure Fund).

Apart from this, Indians living abroad will be issued Aadhaar as soon as they come to India on an Indian passport. They do not have to wait 180 days for this now. In addition, NRI portfolio investment is planned to be included in Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI).

For the banking and finance sector
1. To strengthen the banking sector, the government has decided to release Rs. 70 thousand crore.

2. Now RBI will oversee the care of NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Corporation) sector. This sector is currently under heavy burden of debt burden.

3. The mandatory requirement of PAN for filling income tax returns has been abolished. Now with the help of Aadhaar, returns can be filed.

4. The process of disinvestment of Air India under Thousand crore debt will be expedited. It will be made a profit business by recovering from the deficit.

Education and steps taken to empower youth
1. National Sports Education Board (NSEB) will be formed to promote sportspersons under the 'Play India' scheme.

2. In order to create Higher Education Hub, the government has introduced 'Study in India' program. The aim of the government is to bring more and more students from abroad to India for education.

3. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, and the future of technology is the world of technology. The government will work towards making the youth active in these areas.

4. The National Research Foundation (NRF) will be constituted to strengthen the research ecosystem.

5. To encourage the world of space, the government has announced the formation of New Space India Limited (NSIL).

Apart from this, the government has also made significant decisions in the direction of social reform. Modi Government has passed the Jammu-Kashmir Reservation Bill Lok Sabha for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Now people here will get the benefit of reservation in admission in Direct Recruitment, Promotion and Professional Courses. To get social justice to Muslim women, the Cabinet has brought a triple divorce bill.

India will lead the world of space
1. Under the Gaganan Mission in 2022, India will send the person to space for the first time.

2. Chandrayaan-II mission which was to be completed recently but due to technical problems, the date has been extended, under which ISRO has reached the southern part of the moon, where no country has yet reached its goal Is kept.

3. To understand the Sun, solar mission 'Aditya L1' will be launched in 2020. Under this mission, it will be an attempt to understand how climate change is being affected.

4. In 2023, there is a plan to go on Venus. It will be studied how the atmosphere is there.

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