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No Assist for a US Citizen preventing to be a DAD in Santa Clara County – jj

No Assist for a US Citizen preventing to be a DAD in Santa Clara County

Us Citizen = No Help…. Free Water?? White Courtesy Phone?? Go Away??

Illegal Immigrate = Criminal Lawyer / Family Law Attorney / Civil Law Attorney / Civil Rights Attorney / Minors Council Attorney / housing / transportation / clothing / food / cash aid / free phone / bus pass / day care / health insurance / job / trade school / record expungement / free pass to break the law / drug treatment / alcohol treatment / protection / laundry services / haircuts / get out of Jail Free Card / no deportation / civil rights training classes / auto repair / “Golden ticket” to cut the line / etc.

American Citizen in San Jose decides to protest using a Megaphone = Arrest and Prosecution / Civil Lawsuit Filed by the City of San Jose / false police reports / wrongful arrest / fake charges / perjury by officers / confiscation of personal property / SJPD spreading lies to defame that Citizen via “Captain” Story Time Santos / pretty much destroy that American Citizens reputation and life just for exercising his free speech rights.

Illegal Immigrant decides to protest with a Megaphone = We cave immediately to their demands and give them the keys to our city….. No charges at all…. no lawsuits….free pass….

This is wrong folks…..



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  1. Hey Scott, you are 100% correct about the illegals. In order to seem 'progressive' Santa Clara county cares more about illegals than the citizens that pay 10k a year in property taxes. This is not about immigrants; its about illegal's that are treated better than US citizens.

    As far as getting away with crimes that you and i would be in jail for; its all about the money. they have zero recourse against illegals but can ruin the life of a citizen that owes $20.

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