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Payday Mortgage Cellphone Rip-off – jj

Payday Mortgage Cellphone Rip-off



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  1. I get these all the time. I've never had a payday loan – NEVER. I ask for written verification of the debt and they immediately refuse. That's a sure sign right there that it is a scam. Ask them why they are not abiding by the Fair Protection and Reporting Credit Act – they will have some bologna story – it's a scam.

  2. I just received a phone call from a stating that his name is Paul Myers and he is a civil claims court coordinator that works for a company named Pre Trial processing the contact numbers I've collected are (321) 328-0503, and (502) 654-6200. He claims he is a mediator for the company insight capital whom I supposedly received a cash advance from in 2011 with threats of now taking me to court for theft, well I know for a fact I've never received a loan from this company nor ever heard of them, they hung up on me 3 separate times when I expressed anger for being contacted on bogus allegations and demanded their information and the fake company information, he would not give a phone number or address for for "insight capital", he basically said they don't want to talk to me anymore! He hung up when my husband got on the phone. While I don't think I will hear from them anymore I'm going to find every complaint site that I can to post, so that people are not scammed into giving away money they do not owe.

  3. The next time he calls tell him that there is a demon in his presence and that he has been cursed for eternity when he dies he will come back as a cockroach and when some one steps on him and he dies he will burn in hell. If he wants it removed he has to pay $500 million dollars and has 1 hour to get it . If he is 1second late then it cannot be removed.

  4. OMG!! It's that guy!! He calls me too! The first time I just laughed at him because of his Indian accent and his name, "John Smith" yeah right. Obviously no one should lose sleep over these scammers. I asked one of them if I should come to the court house in India, or can I mail it to India? The guy just exploded! Obviously it's a scam.. but not a very sophisticated one. I don't think anyone would send this guy money. The scammers are based in Uttar Pradesh, we will find them.

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