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‘Valuable little’ ABC protection on Brown’s wind energy opposition – jj

‘Valuable little’ ABC protection on Brown’s wind energy opposition

Sky News host Chris Kenny says there has been ‘precious little’ coverage of former Greens leader Bob Brown’s newly announced opposition to wind power.



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  1. The coalition have been in Govt. for more than six years no new dams , no new coal fired power stations just talk and kick the can down the road. One sure thing you can bet on is if people return home from work and there is no power to cook their dinner and all the frozen food is spoiled and only cold water to shower even Scomo's miracle wont save them at the next election. No matter what feeble excuse they will try to spin to the electorate they will be turfed out.

  2. Trump is a jack ass he still jealous of Martha's vineyard …the Europeans shouldn't take him so serious 90% of America want him out of office he promised to legalize marijuana it's the only thing preventing him from being assassinated by the extreme leftists

  3. In a free market where individuals own their private property free from government intervention there is no issue with someone building on their property, such as building wind farms if they violate nobodies rights. But we dont live in a free society. We live in a semi- status society. Controlled by governments which bend to the wind(pun intended) to whichever political pressure group makes the most noise on any given day.

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