Referral for a Trigger Non-Revenue for 2nd Qtr 2019: Mosaics of Mercy

Mosaics of Mercy is the second quarter 2019 Referral for a Cause non-profit.

This nonprofit ministry serves as a hub of empowerment supporting each unique journey toward mental health and addiction recovery.

Check out this video that Randy Lovelace Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, Inc. recorded about this nonprofit. They believe connection is a remedy to the common experience of feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and alone when faced with mental health and addiction issues.

To learn more about Mosaics of Mercy, visit:


Paragon’s Referral for a Cause benefits the non-profits of Montomgery County.

For every call for an insurance quote that references “Referral for a Cause” or the designated non-profit of the quarter, a $15 donation will be made to that non-profit.

If you know someone that needs help with their insurance, refer them. If you are a Non-Profit that needs help, contact us to discuss how your organization can benefit from Referral for a Cause.

Help us support our local community … and the non-profits that most need our help.



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