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Romantic films: The Slipper and The Rose – jj

Romantic films: The Slipper and The Rose

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  1. One of the best movies out there and all the way from the 70's… It feels so real and it was always so stupendous to watch this. The costumes alone must have taken months to do and the surreal way the movie places is essentially in the 1700-1800's period. I watched this when I was a child in my grandparents house in an old VCR recorded a long time ago. They had a few as they used to watch this periodically since then. Nothing beats good old fashioned acting and honest display of emotion… How much we've progressed and lost… definitely worth a watch. =D

  2. I loved how the dresses and the ball gowns and basically all of their costumes look here than the live remake Disney did. They look more accurate than they did in the Disney remake with their white wigs. And the humor in here! I live for the humor here, especially the king's.

  3. The only version where prince acknowledges that a ball for marriage would be degrading to all parties involved. i thought disney's version was nice but this is much deeper.. and the line when grandma dances and later says "Most irregular" is so funny and adorable.

  4. how come in every Cinderella movie all the things transformed by fairy-god-mother returns to it's actual state by the stroke of midnight except the glass slippers ? shouldn't they change or vanish or whatever like everything else ?

  5. Spoilers if you haven't already watched The Slipper and the Rose!

    One little thing that I love in this movie. The Prince is kind to John, releases him from his duties as companion, and helps him to get the woman he loves. Because of that, John and Lady Caroline are in the right place to see Cinderella as she dances, and alert the Prince. Had John not been released, presumably they would not have been there. So by his kindness to John, the Prince regains his own lost love. Nice little 'what goes around, comes around' touch.

  6. Does anyone know if the wedding march heard at 2:05:34 is an actual piece or just composed for this movie? It's so gorgeous that I'd like to have it played for my wedding. I'd love to know the name of it. Yes, I know that the music for the movie was by Robert and Richard Sherman, but the wedding march is not in the list of songs by them.

  7. I'm surprised that some or most people have never seen or heard of this movie but it's amazing! I love this take on the cinderella fairy tale! It's awesome and of course i love the prince and music! I love it!

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