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Seminar on social insurance coverage in Japan – jj

Seminar on social insurance coverage in Japan

A seminar was held in Kuwana city for foreigners from Mie province providing information on the Japanese Social Security System.
The speaker is an expert on social security affairs in the city of Kuwana, Mr. Kanatsu, who started the conversation by citing the Japanese law on citizen health:
"Everyone has the right to a dignified and healthy life, in accordance with the Japanese Constitution"
For this reason, the government is promoting these seminars to improve the quality of life for all citizens.
It explained the operation of Japanese Social Security, remembering that this system is supported by the TASUKE-AI system or mutual aid! Where companies, institutions and citizens make their contributions that return in the form of resources for citizens to the various needs in different aspects, such as health, retirement, payment of basic salaries in case of disability, among other benefits .
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