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Single & Wish to be Married… Self-Verify! – jj

Single & Wish to be Married… Self-Verify!

This is one of the Pastors online that I follow. This one really made me think about marriage and if it’s something I feel is for me. Things that make you think and …



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  1. When I got married we agreed that it is an as is situation & to accept each other as we are. I couldn't ask for a better husband but I don't expect anything from him. I'm grateful for him & for everything he does.

  2. I have no parents as they are all deceased. I only have a brother who is uninvolved. All my uncles are also dead. I don't have any male authority except my pastor. It's hard to be still single in your mid 30s.

  3. In my 20s I was emotionally immature and unable to connect with women in any capacity. This did not change for many years. In my mid thirties I had a disastrous relationship which nearly destroyed me emotionally. I never went bsck, but took my emotional problems as a sign of my reality. Dating wasn't for me! It was not the gift Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 7. It was the brokenness of sin that destroyed my chance to be in a relationship. But I've accepted this fact and moved on.

  4. GOD has shown me that he made compadables for a individual not some specific person. That's one of the many things I realized from him endorseing polygamy in the Old Testament, but there's also a scripture that I once read on the topic. I forget where it's at since I'm a ronin scripture junkie when it comes to reading the Bible ?

  5. My recap:
    Genesis 2:18-25
    God said, called and approved
    Your relationship should be God focused. How much God is in your relationship?

    Connect and vibe but don't forget the plan.
    God had a plan that needed a purpose, which is greater than preference.

    Be Clear on the master, mission and mate.
    Date to understand the leader, your dreams and each other.

    Discuss expectations or it will be unfulfilled. It will help your partner Meet or exceed/please you.

    Everyone wants the undivided attention that they receive in the beginning.

    Expect nothing in your marriage.
    Become a contributor not a consumer.
    Make requests not demands.

    God's gift to you could be revealed theough marriage, which will make you self aware.
    It will make you grow spiritually. We grow through disappointment. Die to self so marriage can live (the two become one).

    Adam was made from the ground, making him earthly.
    Woman start from man, relationship minded

    An authority must evaluate a woman's mate to cover them and ensure the person is aligned with God.

    Adam has a job and purpose in God. Leave, cleave and x

    They were completely open with one another, naked.
    Truth, seen ,accepted, loved
    Reveal the truth, intimacy – into me I see

    Pray and take the risk of Total transparency
    Show the truth and tell the truth.
    If they reject you then you can move on.

    Pray and obey.
    God controls the outcome.

  6. I wish there was more info geared towards helping men. I appreciate this but there are many men seeking info and have nowhere to go. – a bunch of women in waiting for men who are lost…not because they don't care but because there is no help for them.


  8. Hello sis.  Feeling sad right now.  Hes texted me, but im learning the truth that his daughter, Harmony, is always all in his business as if it were her business to know all his business.  I find that very odd.  He did mention she would be finally moving to her uncle and other grandma.  Please pray that will be extremely very soon so that he can stay in close contact with me always.  Thank you.

  9. I just searching for something to listen and I'm glad I listen this for I want to be the woman for that man God is working on me for, I took notes and I'm going to practice it on our first date, if he can't handle it I know he's not the one and for me the early I open the closet door the better I see God works. I know my Master, I know my Mission, and only God knows my Mate.

  10. WHERE ARE THE TESTIMONIES OF Good Christian marriages???…They are few and far it's So discouraging! SO FEW men in Church so many Gay men at Churches it's Sad ladies…. the truth is the numbers are not there And God said it's not Good to be Alone? you never hear of men wanting marriage just Women in all the relationship videos…God Have mercy in Jesus Name!

  11. Just viewing title….no self check is,needed to be married. Lots of messed up people exchange empty vows and divorce daily. And there are LOTS of folks marrying wrong reasons. No glory in some fked up person..choosing you. Now if you want a lifetime, healthy, happy relationship….with a spouse….

  12. Loved it. What a blessing it is to recieve biblical revelation on marriage and purpose. After a failed relationship and brokenness. My new life began with a close itimate relationship with christ. He is developing me as a man of god, father of a young boy, and healing me from my childhood dysfunction that characterize a person with insecurities, fear-based, learned behaviors, inferior complex, egotistical thinking, and most importantly delivering me from lust.

  13. I agree with alot of what he is saying but why does it seem like every pastor is dumbing do the man….over and over again he referred to the women in a positive way but the men like duh which way did he go…. which way did he go….

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