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Social: 'Yogi Jago' has tendencies on Twitter? – jj

Social: 'Yogi Jago' has tendencies on Twitter?


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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the victims on the fifth day of shootout in Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh.

After this, the 'Yogi Wax Up' (Yogi Jago) hash tag started trending on Twitter.

For this visit of the Yogi some Twitter users are giving credit to the efforts of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, then some users are questioning the Yogi's delayed arrival.

One Twitter user Vinay Khamkar tweeted, "Why did UP CM Yogi Adityanath put so many days to meet the victims of this barbaric massacre? Was he waiting for opposition to protest the show?"

Syed Maqbool has tweeted: "By keeping Nehru responsible for the year 2019, the Yogis and their government are taking the side of the village head and landmass. Yogi should immediately give a land lease to the tribals who have been there for decades Are farming. "

Some people are asking, 'Now Section 144 has been removed in Sonbhadra?'

In fact, after the incident, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Sonbhadra to meet the victims, but she was taken into custody by the administration, citing Section 144 being imposed.

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They were taken to Chunar Guest House. When he refused to return without meeting, the family members were arranged to meet only in the house.

On Sunday, when Yogi Adityanath reached the incident village directly, Priyanka tweeted, "I welcome the visiting Chief Minister of Sonbhadra from UP, it is the government's duty to stand with the victims. is."

Even though Yogi Adityanath has also accused the old government of the Congress for this controversy.

In a conversation with journalists at Sonbhadra, Yogi claimed that this controversy had just started during the Congress government in the 1950s.

Simultaneously, he said that the chief accused of the murder was linked to the Samajwadi party.

Some people have tensed on Yogi Adityanath about accusations of former governments for the incident.

A tweeter user Tasnem has written, "The Yogi is awake directly in 1955."

National Convenor of Congress Social Media Team Ruchira Chaturvedi tweeted, "Well, should have gone immediately after the accident, go on the Chief Minister, when you wake up only."

People are also expressing their anger over the social media that no minister or leader of BJP reached this place after this incident.

Rahul Dongle tweeted, "There was no minister or leader of BJP to know about the victims of the Sonbhadra massacre."

Zaheer Gul tweeted, "Ajay Bisht government, who has not been able to meet the victims' families and try to stop Priyanka Gandhi at every price, finally came under pressure."

What was the dispute

The dispute between the village chiefs and the tribals took over the last two years when the village chief purchased this land and his people, who have been cultivating it there for generations, forbade the Gond tribes to grow crops.

On July 17, the village head arrived to take possession of dozens of tractor land with armed people, whose tribals protested.

According to the local people, armed people started firing on the non-residents tribals after protesting, in which 10 people were killed on the spot and two dozen people were injured.

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