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Stem Cell Remedy for Cerebral Palsy – jj

Stem Cell Remedy for Cerebral Palsy

www.cellmedicine.com the scientific basis for using cord blood stem cells to treat cerebral palsy


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  1. My son is 6yrs with cp and from Ghana, where is your embassy and how much will it cost me when using stem cell treatment and how many day or weeks will it take? Please I will appreciate it if you can help me save my son.

  2. About how many stem cells are harvested from a donated umbilcal cord compared to how much can be extracted from the bone marrow of a 3 year old boy? I would prefer using my son's own bone marrow, as I feel it seems safer, but is extracting from his bone marrow harder on him, being so young? Also do you have any figures of success rate comparing donated umbilical cord vs. autologous bone marrow stem cells for cp?

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