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The Distance — Evan and Jaron — Romantic Film Montage – jj

The Distance — Evan and Jaron — Romantic Film Montage

(Read Full Description!) This is a re-upload. It’s all about the distances (some not physical) that keep couples apart. Of course some of them do get to end up …



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  1. Hi SilverVintage! Thank you for all your hard work uploading & sharing these awesome videos!!!
    If it's not to much trouble, could you please encode the names of the movies as each clip shows.I do get lost trying to figure out which name is for what movie. Some I have I never watched before and couldn't figure out it's name. Thanks in advance. 😀

  2. Probably the best video that I ever watched on Youtube!!!! Do not take this the wrong way but I think a better song (not that this was not good, it was great) would have been this one

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