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The land of Sonbhadra which led to the lives of ten folks: Floor Report – jj

The land of Sonbhadra which led to the lives of ten folks: Floor Report


Local people

On Saturday afternoon, at Uhbha village, 25 km away from Ghorwal tehsil headquarters, it was felt as if it had come to a very safe and protected place. Police vehicles were so steep on all the roads entering the village and the police were so excited that an example of 'Parinda can not even kill' could be found here.

Some policemen stood up while chairs under the tree stood up, when the car was trying to turn around. After ensuring that the media workers are, they allow the move. The situation of the village was just as it happens after such a big accident. There was silence and mourning everywhere on every side.

In the village, the people of the village were less, policemen and their vehicles were more visible. Although the villagers said that there is not much noise and noises anywhere Most of the Gond tribes live in, who are engaged in farming and wages.

Next to the village primary school, we reached the ground where ten people were killed and 25 people were injured in the land dispute on July 17.

An elderly woman from the village was sitting in the middle of Ramrieti Primary School, with two or three young children sitting in her house. Two of his family members had also clamored for this struggle.

Battle of kahai?

The angry people asked for the reason for the fight, "The battle of khaye? The fight is from two sides." Oo, two and a half hundred people came from the tractor and walked on foot, started planting the fields. Forty-fifty people gathered and then began to shoot. "

After this sentence, tears of their eyes came out. It started to tell that even one of his brothers and a nephew lost his life. The nephew's wife was present there with her two small children.

It was only half a kilometer away from this house where this incident happened. The trail of untimely wheels in the fields, cropping of the meadows, the eyewitnesses of the incident on 17th July, they have remained so far. Occasionally some equipment like cultivator was also missed.

Local journalist Jan Prakash Chaturvedi told me that till one day after the incident, there were guns, hoods, sticks and many other weapons, which were later taken by the police in their possession.


Nearly hundred hundred zodiacal disputes between the villagers and tribals of the land on which rights have been dispute, the land itself is quite controversial and mysterious. Umbha village belongs to Murtiya Gram Panchayat and there are about seven hundred populace, mostly Gond tribals. Saphi village also comes under the same village panchayat where the village head is the home of Yajnadatta Gujjar.

The land of Ubhhaba village came to the discussion two years ago when the village head bought this land and Gond tribes who were cultivating it there for generations started refusing to harvest and further sow.

Advocate Nityanand Dwivedi, on behalf of the villagers, told the BBC, "This land has been disputed since the 1950s. But till two years ago, the entire land was named after the ideal cooperative society and this tribal is also a member of the same society. He used to cultivate it and gave some part of it to the society, and he has been doing it for decades. "

Nithyananda Dwivedi, the story of the land, says, "Indeed, this land is a part of the six hundred bighas of the king of Barhar principality. When the landlady is over, then in revenue records it is declared as barren and the property of the Gram Sabha The villagers kept the land till Prabhat Kumar Mishra and Bhanu Pratap Sharma, an IAS officer in 1952, took the ideal coop. Vivek Society Limited of Umbha was not established.These people have made all their relatives members of the cooperative society and also told the villagers that you are a member and continue to cultivate it. Continued. "


According to Nityanand Dwivedi, the farmers of the village continued to cultivate the tribal society and here again the land of the society was registered in the name of Prabhat Kumar Mishra's relatives and some other members. In the year 2017, about 100 Bigha land was sold to the village head Chhattiyaya.

It was also revealed in the interaction with the locals that earlier the main people of the society wanted to cultivate herbal cultivation but this could not be possible due to non-possession of land. Local people also say that this is the reason behind selling the land to the village head.

Ramlal of Ubhhaba village says, "We are cultivating it on four or five generations, we do not have any paper but we know that there are members of the society and deposit money in the society, two years ago. When we were sowing rice, the people of the princes came and said, now you people will not cut it and will not even cultivate it on the ground because we have bought this land, we do not accept people, we said that there are poor people, So Eti will not eat what was for two years we have failed to make money in society to not only because there come. Head to capture this land come from the whole army and we attacked people. "

According to Nityanand Dwivedi, registering the land as a gram sabha's land, handing it over to the society and then selling it for sale. All this was illegal but it was happening. The reason behind this was that this entire "game" was limited only to some people and local officials. The tribals who farmed the land did not know anything about it. He was coming to cultivate himself as a land owner. But when the prime minister wanted to take possession of the land and take possession of it, such a big controversy happened.

When they ask the officials, they also have no answer. Ghorawal's SDM and other officials have been suspended, while Anil Aggarwal, district magistrate of Sonbhadra says, "The Chief Minister has given the order to investigate the entire matter and is being investigated as to how all this has happened."

Despite being disputed and cultivating tribals, it is not known why the village head bought land. The reason is that four people of the village head and his family have been arrested, while other members of the family including the women are absconding. It was difficult to reach the house of the village chief, Bhuttiya, through the raw path along the pond from the village of Ubhabha. But about two km from Umbha village Despite being far away, Pradhan's house was seen as the only one in the village with a raw house seemed to be very strong and plush.

There were some policemen outside the house of Gram Pradhan who were engaged in security, no other members were present at home. Hundreds of sacks of wheat and all other things were kept out of the house. According to the villagers, the village head is not originally here but from the area of ​​Rajasthan, in the sixties, their ancestors had settled here and had bought more land in Saphi village.

On Saturday, the support of rupees five lakhs of rupees was distributed to families of the deceased in Umba village between Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi's family members, but the injured have not yet received fifty-five thousand rupees.

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Nearly two dozen injured people are being treated at Sonbhadra's district hospital and in Varanasi. Priyanka Gandhi was not allowed to come to the village of Umba and some of her relatives were met in Chanar's court, while the next day, ie Sunday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reached the village of Ubhabha to meet the families of the victims.

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