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The Siberian Husky canine – jj

The Siberian Husky canine

The Siberian Husky is a dog that is very similar to the wolf, is a beautiful dog with a normally gray coat and usually have one eye of each color. Watch the following video to see the characteristics of the Husky In Animals As you can find all kinds of videos, some will make you laugh, others will surprise you and if you want to know more about your favorite animals you can do it. In this channel you will find videos about veterinary advice, care of dogs, cats, exotic animals, horses, videos of dog breeds and much more.
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  1. Hola, una pregunta, vivo en una parcela con un jardín grande y bonito, y siempre e querido un husky pero mi papa dice que no porque según el son perros muy destructivos y teme por el jardín, es verdad eso?????

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