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Wager (Half 2) (Indie-Martial Arts Motion Movie) – jj

Wager (Half 2) (Indie-Martial Arts Motion Movie)

Story of a young kickboxer whose title victory is rumored to be fraud. A sports writer sets out to challenge him to a bet… more suited to be a WAGER. He must fight for 3 days against anyone who challenges him to prove he rightfully deserved the title.

He soon discovers he is up against fighters with lucrative repartitions and realizes he may in for more than he may handle. We also learn the real reason he is betting in the first place and then his cocky attitude disappears.

Kickboxer Darren Holmquist
Randal Harvey Zack Lancaster
Blake Riley Chris Brewer
Brute Nathan Hoskins
Girl Leah Ralston
Rival Corey Eshom
Weapons Fighter Michael Osa
Queen Kickboxer Chelsea Bailey
Dante Jenson Matt Lang
White Belt Tony Lampella
Axel The Red Ed Reginato
Dragon Twin 1 Brandon Chambers
Dragon Twin 2 Brad Chambers
Street Fighter Anthony Wilder

Building Fighters
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Vega

Group Fight Thugs
Anthony Wilder
Sean Rockford
Brenden Divers

Training Partner Corey Eshom

Girls at the Table
Tiffany Paterson
Kristine Stone

Athenia Shoemaker
Michael Osa
Ed Reginato
Kristine Stone
Kaitlyn Patrick
Kimberly Davis

StoryDarren Holmquist

Darren Holmquist
Zack Lancaster
Leah Ralston
Ed Reginato

Director of Photography
Ashley Stander
Darren Holmquist
Michael Osa
Corey Eshom

ProducerAshley Stander
Leah Ralston
Darren Holmquist

Directed/Edited/Fight Choreographed by
Darren Holmquist


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  1. random topic: i kinda see wrestling a style of Kung fu called "Gorilla style"
    but i kinda have my own version for a character of mine named Ling Khan.
    mostly, he uses a bunch of different martial arts styles mixed with a bit of improvisation.

  2. The fight with Nathan was prity nice. Its street boxer style was good to have insted of all just kickboxing. It have some prity good falls in there to.

    I think the fight with Chelsea Bailey didn't come across as well as I could have. I think it mostly had to do with her being a little to young for the part. No doubt she did some good fighting( She is probably one of your best kicker) but all in all it didn't feal right to me.

  3. Overall I still think that you're trying to tick too many of the fighting boxes. Certainly the fights are good but they could be better. For example, for the first fight in this video, you could have concentrated on a hand fight rather than mixing grapples, kicks etc.

    I'm not going to complain about the sound and lighting issues because for low budget, it isn't that bad.

    Also, compared to Blue Dragon, 'Wager' is considerably better in every department.

    Look forward to p3!

    5 stars !

  4. The first fight started out well with some good handwork. I didn't like some of the grappling later on but the concept of that fight was good.

    The fight with the girl was well thought out. Give the girl credit for taking some of those hits from you and she performed well. Some of your kicks there were good but the choreography is still too broad.

    The training sequence was interesting and reminded me of No Retreat No Surrender – not sure if you've seen that one.

  5. the dialogue when you were talking at 7:25 ish was noticeably choppy. Try editing the audio and video for the dialogue separately so the video doesn't cut every time you have to cut the audio. But make sure you use a shot that doesn't show the person talking of course. Other than that, I like it.

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