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When Ought to I Marry? (1957) – jj

When Ought to I Marry? (1957)

When Should I Marry? by McGraw-Hill Book Co. A young couple, urged to wait before getting married, visit their minister for advice. Two case histories, where …


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  1. The only reason people wanted to get married so young then: TO HAVE SEX AND/OR LIVE TOGETHER WITHOUT SOCIETY’S JUDGEMENT.
    How stupid it was then, as many young people today have birth control options and can still attend college, work, trade school, travel and do well. Women can do anything and are not expected to stay home and give up their desire for a career if they wish like they were then once they got married. Back then if a woman worked and then got married, she was often let go because it was seen as she was taking a man with a family to support’s job. This all referring to white men and women that is as most couples of color both had to work to support their family.

  2. Out of high school over 40 + yrs, never married, never had children. But, there is a lot of things that have happened in my life that would explain my situation. I can’t complain either. I am in my 60’s now, moved from Ohio to Hawaii 30 + yrs ago….and am very happy. GOD has taken care of me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY….no complaints here. Today was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Thank YOU, GOD. Happy Independence Day, everybody. 7/4/2019.

  3. These people have a nice apartment, the woman has a stable job, and the man is going to law school, yet they can’t hold their shit together because everything isn’t perfect. The fifties were wild.

  4. Their boy was kinda a dick for turning on the music and waking the kid up, then bouncing when she wouldnt stop crying. He knows damn well he didnt forget there was a baby in the same damn room!

  5. We got married young and we have now been married for 10 years. We waited on trying for kids until we were able to buy a house. We have now been in our house for a year and ready to start a family. Glad we waited because the money we saved for the house wouldn't have happened if we had a baby when we first got married.

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