30 Min. POSITIVE ENERGY MEDITATION – Reiki Therapeutic Music, Zen Music

30 Min. POSITIVE ENERGY MEDITATION – Reiki Healing Music, Zen Music Meditation and Healing channel has been serving you the best meditation, relaxing …



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    dont understand why do you need to post so many ads in a small meditation video, i was sitting with a calm mind enjoying the music and after a few minutes an ad pops up. anyways i am learning how to be patient so i just let the ad finish and sat with a good mind again but again there was an ad after few minutes , i think you aren't aware of what meditation actually is .

  2. this just gave me my first out of body experience. I was fifteen years in the future, having an disagreement with my daughter. she was 15 and I took her hand And asked her to meditate with me. she said she couldn't at the time. and I understood why. ( but I don't) I snapped out of it, and still felt like I was still there. I took a few deep breathes and was fine again. WOW.

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