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Arab nations should not have to speak about intercourse anymore – jj

Arab nations should not have to speak about intercourse anymore


In the past year, I saw the whole Arab world for the BBC well. From one end to the other end so that I can make a series of short movies which are based on the men and women who see intimate relationships now in a new way, living in and out of the room in a new way. Are.

In the Middle East and North Africa, depression and pessimism about sex is seen at first glance. Concerns about families regarding women's virginity, strictly speaking on the LGBTQ community, due to online porn, censorship of the media shows this clearly.

Such things and attitude are also seen during a referendum. This was also seen in a survey done in ten Arab countries and Palestinian areas for BBC Arabic services.

But in a survey of the Arab Barometer Research Network, there have been many such things that are shocking.

According to this, many people have accepted the right of a woman to lead the country. But, thinking about sex and gender remains conservative and narrow.

Most people still think that the final decision in family matters should be husband's. Honor Killing against homosexuality is given more acceptance at six of the seven places. These questions were asked in these seven places.

But, there are many people who are constantly trying to break the shackles.

  • Thinking about sex has changed

There is hope

However, there have been many such things that have revealed that openness and liberal thinking are also making their place among these narrow paths.

Talking only to the head of a non-governmental muttada al-Jensenia co-founder, Safa Tamish, she is a legal advocate in Palestinian society and talks about re-thinking of sex education. According to them, such education which is not only based on the information of reproduction but also includes love and intimacy.

After starting with the Arab community living in Israel, Munte is working in Israeli occupied West Bank.

Here, most of the local words are used in Arabic for sex. This is like a slang, which is especially for women and feels embarrassed.

Because of this, many people in the area feel comfortable talking about sex in English and French.

Muntada is trying to make Palestinian people feel comfortable talking about their body and sexual relations in Arabic only.

According to Sharada and his colleagues, there is very deep impact on talking to this subject in their mother tongue. He says that the option for those who use slang will be the Hebrew language (formal, educational language of the people living in Israel). But, the language here is also a part of political identity.

  • Sex life can be better than eating a special thing?
  • Why is the ruckus on Viagra Viagra?

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Sexologist, Sandrey Atallah says that the Arab society should talk more about intimate issues

Identity question

Talking with Khalid Abdel-Hadi on the question of language and identity in Jordan was encouraging.

They are one of the few of the Middle East's gay media personalities who have not hidden their gender identity. They also take a magazine that talks on issues such as gendetic surgery and honor killings.

Safa talked about Khalid's issue of personal identity. Khalid said that when he started this magazine in adolescence decades ago, it was an attempt to identify his personality in a community culture.

He says, "In Arabia we see ourselves under the community, so it becomes difficult to hear your voice in the middle of this group. The group is dominated by the person and you go according to his rules and regulations. "

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Just like Khalid, sandwiches in Lebanon are trying to break the taboo present with regard to sexual intercourse. She is a famous sex therapist.

Sandroine is not only a clinic in Beirut but also a famous social media platform in Cairo, al-hub is a great way of learning (love culture).

Sandrin and his colleagues believe that there has never been such intolerance and narrow-mindedness about sexual relations in Arab culture. Rather, these cultures used to look at this topic from the perspective of today.

He explains that the Encyclopedia of Pleasure was written in Baghdad in the 10th-11th century. Its 43 chapters talk about almost all sexual practices and priorities. In it, it is clear that sex is a gift given to God.

People like Sharada, Khalid and Sandrine are not just extremists, but reformers. They talk about the conversations related to sexual relations and want to make changes.

The challenge before them is that people have to come out of the decades-old thinking which has deepened in the depths of society.

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