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CIA spy sentenced to demise in Iran – jj

CIA spy sentenced to demise in Iran


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Iran says it has arrested 17 detectives, who were working for the US intelligence agency CIA and some of them were sentenced to death.

The intelligence ministry has said that the suspected military and nuclear activities were collecting information related to important areas.

US President Donald Trump dismisses these claims of Iran saying that the report is "completely false".

Recent tensions between Washington and Tehran have increased in recent times.

This tension began in the past year when US President Donald Trump had taken America out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Trump broke the agreement saying it was for the interest of Iran. Trump imposed stringent economic sanctions on Iran in November last year.

Iran announced on Monday through the government media that alleged detainees were arrested in the last 12 months till March 2019.

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On Friday, Iran confiscated the British oil tanker in Hormuz Bay.

Last month, Iran had killed an American drone and said it had entered Iran's air space.

While the US dismissed the allegations of Iran. After this the military activities between the two countries had increased.

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