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Farah Khan's handed in first try of PCS (J) examinations | 'I can’t consider it, however it’s true that I’ve develop into choose' – jj

Farah Khan's handed in first try of PCS (J) examinations | 'I can’t consider it, however it’s true that I’ve develop into choose'


new Delhi: "I can not believe it, but it is true that I have passed the test of PCS (J). I did not have any coaching but just made a motive and studied hard work and got success". These words are from Farah Naaz, who passed the examination of PCAJ (J) and has now become a Civil Judge. When the results of PCAJ (J) came on July 20, the news spread like a fire in the entire area that Farah Naaz, daughter of former head Haji Job, who lives in Sohanchira village of Saharanpur district, has become the judge. As soon as they heard the news, those who congratulated the people were greeted, which is still going on.

The name of the village of Faraha is Sohanchidaa
The name of the village of Faraha is Sohanchida which falls in Nagal area of ​​Saharanpur. Muslim majority This area is extremely backward in the field of education, and especially here the Muslim girls are struggling to achieve further education after studying 10th-12th. In such a case, the success of Farhat Nawaz is being seen as a great glance for the daughters of the entire area.

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<p><strong>Farah's basic education was from the village school.</strong><br />Farah's basic education was from the village school. After the eighth, he studied from Nangal's school to XII, after which he got admission for graduation in Aligarh Muslim University. Although in two years Farah left BA and then started studying BA LLB. </p><div class=

Farah says that he had decided that he should not be advocated but to be a judge, he worked hard to fulfill this goal and today he took the hard work. Farah has completed LL.M. in the month of May. Farah says that only daughters should get the chance, they do all the work themselves.

In this success of Farah, his elder brother Tanveer is also a key role, which is a professor at IIT Indore. Farah will remain in the village till September. From September, Lucknow will have 3 months of training in JTRI and posting thereafter.

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