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Father went out on cellular cost, children taking part in video games and banged batteries, Four scorched. 4 kids injured after cellular explodes throughout charging – jj

Father went out on cellular cost, children taking part in video games and banged batteries, Four scorched. 4 kids injured after cellular explodes throughout charging



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Updated: Monday, July 22, 2019, 19:24 (IST)

Allahabad / Prayagraj There was a big accident while playing the game on Sunday evening in Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh. Suddenly, the battery of the mobile was blasted as the 4 children playing mobile games were injured. All children are brothers and sisters in common. After the incident, after hearing the screams of the children, the family ran and everyone was taken to the hospital for treatment. There was a loss that caused the damage to the children's eyes after mobile bursts. Remind that in Kaushambi, only two days earlier, a child died after the death of a mobile charger. Right now, there has been panic among people after this incident.

Four children injured after mobile explodes during charging

How happened

The village of Bhavarai police station in Kaushambi district is located in Dasarathpur Bisara village. Barfi is a resident of the farmer and his family has 4 children. On Sunday evening, when he was sitting outside in charging his mobile phone, his daughter Rani (15) reached there and started playing games with mobile. During this time his siblings also came there. With Sandi (7), Balveer (4) and Amit (2) also playing the game sitting near him. Meanwhile, there was a sudden burst of explosion in the mobile and the mobile battery broke up. In the incident, four siblings were burnt to death. After listening to the screams of the children, the family ran inside the house and was stunned to see the front. All children were taken to the hospital for treatment, where now their health is being reported correctly.

3 days ago Death in mobile charger was done by current

Just 3 days earlier, a similar incident took place in Sionjang of Kokraj police station area of ​​Kaushambi. When the sudden turnaround came in the mobile charger at night. A child was killed in the grip of a curtain, while his uncle and cousin sister were burnt to death while saving their child. All were admitted to the hospital for treatment, where Manish was 12 years old. In this case the villagers had told that the high voltage current came down in the houses due to the hightation wire which caused the incident.

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