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5 Issues We Realized Concerning the Apple Business – jj

5 Issues We Realized Concerning the Apple Business


Source material: A wonderful article in The California Sunday Magazine previewing the groundbreaking launch of a new apple variety, the Cosmic Crisp, this fall.

  1. For 50 years, Red Delicious was the most-grown apple in the U.S. That came to an end last harvest season, when Gala took over the throne. Some in the industry consider Red Delicious “obsolete.” 
  2. The first crossbreed that led to the Cosmic Crisp apple was made in 1997. It’s hitting shelves this year, so we count 22 years of testing before launch.
  3. It could be worth it. According to insiders, bringing the Cosmic Crisp to grocery stores may be “the largest launch of a single produce item in American history.” 
  4. So how do you market an apple? The Cosmic Crisp is partnering with a theater production of Johnny Appleseed and a group of social media influencers. 
  5. The Cosmic Crisp’s biological identity, under patent as WA 38, is owned by Washington State University. Cosmic Crisp growers must pay royalties on every tree they buy and every box they sell. 
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