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Gold Deposit and Bronze make-up Tutorial – jj

Gold Deposit and Bronze make-up Tutorial

This is a request video about how I use my MAC gold deposit bronzer and also a MIlani bronzer I found. Also has a wuick tutorial using this Victoria’s Secret …



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  1. I love your video short,simple,not a whole lot of brushes to apply and still got the stunning look..was curious about the foundation you are wearing..we are the same exact color..Mac studio fix NW 43 WAS in mind but think it is quite dark once applied any recommendations????

  2. @grrlee10dencyz They are freshlook ones they dont make the color any more. I am so sad! I am blind as a bat so when I went to the eye doctor they told me that this would be the last time I can get these I almost cried LOL. But they are clear they just have a ring of like metallic brown shimmers. If that makes sense. I am on the hunt to find some similar ones so as soon as I do I will def let you know.

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