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Google testing 'dumbphone' model of Android – jj

Google testing 'dumbphone' model of Android


Not satisfied with running more than two-thirds of the world’s smartphones, Google is now after the dumbphone market.

Tech website 9to5Google is reporting that the Big G is developing a version of Android adapted to phones without touchscreens. The website published a photo of the new operating system running on an old Nokia device.

The user interface – usually navigated via touchscreen – has been adapted and redesigned to work via the keypad. There are quick-launch buttons for applications such as Chrome and YouTube.

The humble feature phone is gaining lots of traction in less developed areas of the world (namely Africa, India, and Southeast Asia) and has become a major lifeline for hundreds of millions of people from around the world.

Much like Google’s current smartphone operating system, the Big G will manage updates and improvements of the software. The OS is then provided by Google to smartphone manufacturers for free – which is the main reason it has grown so quickly.

When Android was released in 2009, it was up against not just competition from the likes of Apple and its iOS, but also Samsung, Sony and Motorola – all of whom were big players in the mobile market.

However, within just a few years – and with generous app support behind it – phones running Google Android quickly dwarfed those running proprietary systems (used by Samsung, Sony and Motorola).

Google makes its money by serving adverts on its platform.

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