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The best way to escape from heinous crimes: Voasat's weblog – jj

The best way to escape from heinous crimes: Voasat's weblog


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What a fun thing when a man beats a woman, a man or a child in the house, then he can cut the form of violence on him and the court may also punish him for imprisonment or punishment.

The victim, who is beaten, can also seek refuge and protection from the government. No harm, no employee and any law do not listen to the accused, it is our domestic case and I will beat or kill my family, what about you?

On such occasions, the law presents the argument that believe that you live in your house, but this is not a domestic matter, but a person has the problem of harming another person, so its punishment will be equal.

  • In Pakistan, on which the charges of injustice, he is now the defender of justice
  • Ranjeet Singh Manzoor in Pakistan, why not Bhagat Singh?

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If you live in the house, on one hand, you beat your pet cow, ass or cat or kill it, even if the law does not listen to you, that judge is my cow, donkey or cat, whatever I want with it What do you do, do you work from your work?

You can not cut a tree without being allowed to live on one side as humans and animals. Even if you keep reminding me that this basil, peepal or bhat is worth the precious or old, then on my own land, what I want to do with it.

But there is no widespread method of interrogation if a government or country does the same crime that a common man can be questioned by breaking the law.

  • What is the party of Pakistan like the circumstances of the Congress
  • What did Modi do wrong with the true truth?

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Governments who do not believe in damaging the cow, cat, tree or damaging the trees, do not assume that it is my property, whatever I want with it, when these governments are harming the environment, discriminatory policies against weak communities and adivasis Or the international law-statute recalls in a human genocide or in hurting immigrants or refugees If given, then immediately get the answer that this is our domestic matter, brother, we should deal like you, who are you?

Which milk are you washing themselves which are giving us a speech of law, ethics and responsibilities?

Again, often the country or international institutions hold their respect to their respect and turn silent. Have you ever wondered how these governments can escape safely by punishing more serious crimes than the crimes committed by the governments on the crimes committed by their own countrymen?

Then why would it not be right to say that the law is the weapon that makes the powerful people or the country, weak people or countries to keep them in control?

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