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Imran slams opposition for selling dynasties | Imran, who’re going to Pakistan, are speaking about hatred: Opposition – jj

Imran slams opposition for selling dynasties | Imran, who’re going to Pakistan, are speaking about hatred: Opposition


Islamabad: Opposition parties in Pakistan have given a strong reaction to the statements of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Washington. Opposition parties have said that Imran is making an outrage against Pakistan. These parties have said that while addressing the Pakistani community, 'Emran should have been informed that he has handed over Pakistan to International Monetary Fund, he should have told the Pakistanis how incapable he is.' According to a report published in the Pakistani media, Leader of the Opposition Pakistan People's Party and the senator Sheri Rehman said that Imran was making an outrage against Pakistan.

The Pakistanis present in the US will surely be disappointed with their speech. Wherever Imran goes, talk about hatred and polarization. He wants to keep his power alive by targeting the former regime. He should have been told that how much money the country has taken since coming to power.

In Washington, Imran talked about his 'new Pakistan' during his address to the Pakistani community but in his speech Pakistan's opposition parties dominated. They criticized him by taking the names of opposition leaders and standing in the ranks of corruption, he said that now all is being accounted for in his tenure.

When the Opposition sought the account of their activities, they all got together against their government. On the speech of Imran, People's Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that Imran has proved that he is not leader, ruler. He said that Imran kept talking about the opposition. If the government talks about the opposition then what will the opposition do?

They should have talked about the country, not their own. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) spokesman Mary Aurangzeb said that Imran Khan should have been told to the Pakistanis that he was incompetent and 'selected' (not elected by the public but selected by the power establishment).

He should have told them that in the country today, roti, employment, factory and voice are all closed. He should have told that the country is being handed over to the IMF today. Mary said that Emran should have been told that Pakistan's growth rate has dropped to 2.9 per cent and inflation has increased by 13 per cent.

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