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Letter: Think about if the Dems tried to assist Trump – jj

Letter: Think about if the Dems tried to assist Trump


The 2 great Democrat party commandments: 1) Never waste a good crisis, to force something on your citizens, and 2) if you say lies often enough and loud enough, people will believe them.

FDR forces companies and people to send their money to the federal government for their future retirements, which somehow was supposed to prevent the great depression. When I went to school, we were still taught history, and learned that one of the reasons for the depression, was the fact that millions of military came home after the war, looking for work, which was unavailable. Forcing companies and people to put money away for the future had no effect on putting people back to work, if anything it took capital out of the economy. See commandment number 1.

Democrats see a crisis, with people being unable to afford health insurance, so they force everyone to buy a policy, established by the government, whether you have insurance or not. See commandment number 1.

The government through the CRA and other policies, in effect, facilitates banks to give mortgages that will probably fail and then blames said banks when they do fail. See commandment number 2.

And my favorite, “Trump is reaping the benefits of Obama’s economy”. Under Obama, we had the worst recovery, from recession, in the history of our country. More people on welfare, on food stamps, living in poverty, and the lowest worker participation rate in 40 years. The stock market increase was the result of the fed keeping rates low and had nothing to do with Obama. See commandment number 2.

If you liked 1% growth, a failing economy, higher taxes, more debt, then by all means vote Democrats, but please do not complain when you reap what you have sown.

Imagine if the Democrats had tried to help Trump.

Sal Meglio, Stroudsburg


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