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Modi Magic, Zoomega share market, Sensex will hit historic stage of 47000! – Modi Magic in MP RAJ CG Loksabha Election will Give Increase to Indian Inventory Market Karvy Report – jj

Modi Magic, Zoomega share market, Sensex will hit historic stage of 47000! – Modi Magic in MP RAJ CG Loksabha Election will Give Increase to Indian Inventory Market Karvy Report


The stock market may get very strong next year. If the NDA government is formed in the 2019 general elections, then the Sensex can touch the new highest level of 47000. At the same time, the NSE's benchmark index Nifty will reach level of 14000 In such a situation, common investors will also get a big chance to earn money. These things have been said in a report of Karvy Stock Broking.

What will happen with NDA's victory in the general election?The report says that in the General Elections of 2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will come back to power, but its seats will be less than the previous Lok Sabha elections. However, the market is approved and the stock market will certainly welcome these results. By the end of 2019, the Sensex could touch 45000 levels. At the same time, the Nifty may exceed 14000 levels.

How to save money- Experts say that in India's stock market, Indian investors along with investors from all over the world also get money. In addition, mutual funds, insurance companies, EPFO ​​also make money in the stock market. In such a situation, if the next stock market rises, then there will be huge profits on these places.

You can also read these three-note rules of changed PAN card, not knowing!What if the government is not created?If the NDA has to face defeat, the market will become unstable and the Sensex can go below 30000. At the same time, Nifty can slip up to around 9000 after the election.

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These signals are on the look of the market-Experts say that the Indian markets do business completely on global and domestic signals. Now the eyes of Dalal Street are on the biggest trigger. Assembly elections are going on in some states At the same time, the next year's Lok Sabha elections will be held in the country. According to the report of Karvy Stock Broking, there is currently no major trigger for the domestic stock market. The outlook for the states will be decided further. But, the market views are on the general election. However, it is very hasty, but according to the Opinion Poll, the NDA may come back to power.Read also – opportunity to become the owner of CNG pump! 100 new licenses will be released soon

why will- It has been said in the report that the impact of withdrawal of PM Modi's power will also show on economic development and markets. It is speculated that becoming PM Modi's prime minister will also be positive for the market. In the last several months, many experts and research agencies have made similar predictions. If the results of 2019 are reversed then its effect will be reversed.

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Chance to make money-According to the domestic brokerage firm, it is advisable to include IT and healthcare, automotive, capital goods and financial services in its portfolio, looking forward to the situation. Given the recent turmoil in financial markets, it is easy to be pessimistic. The macro approach for India has definitely been somewhat worse than six months ago. But, Outlook remains strong and gives us reasons to be optimistic.

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