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New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Beautiful Improve – jj

New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Beautiful Improve


Still thinking about upgrading to Apple’s disappointing iPhone 11? Don’t. Not only has enough evidence mounted against the heavily leaked iPhone 11, but the case for waiting is already overwhelming. And it just got even stronger. 

2020 iPhone concept based on industry leaks

Ben Geskin

Taking to Twitter, popular industry insider Ice Universe has revealed Apple is working to equip its 2020 iPhones with the most radical display in the company’s history. It will combine the 120Hz ProMotion technology seen in the LCD displays of iPad Pros with the OLED panels of premium iPhones to create the biggest real-world iPhone user experience upgrade in generations. 

How do we know this? Firstly, from the perspective of the leak, the source is interesting. Ice Universe is typically a Samsung specialist with deep supply chain links but who does Apple primarily source its displays from? Yes, Samsung. Secondly, from a technological perspective, we already know. Videos comparing the iPad Pro’s ProMotion display to iPhones make them look prehistoric and that’s on LCD. The difference in touch response and fluidity is night and day and it’s better for your eyes as well. 

In short: this change is going to make the user experience of any previous iPhone feel antiquated by comparison. And that’s before you throw in the 2020 iPhones’ new design, 3D camera technology and integrated 5G, which is missing from the iPhone 11. 

Are there downsides to fast refresh rates? Only one, high refresh rates draw more power and therefore require larger batteries (this hit the OnePlus 7 Pro which was heavily praised for its 90Hz panel). So it’s a good thing Apple already has this covered. Furthermore, Ice states Apple’s technology will be switchable, automatically moving between 120Hz and 60Hz where the former would be redundant (such as watching videos). 

All of which means I’m going to beat the drum one more time: the iPhone 11 will be a perfectly reasonable (if odd-looking and incremental) upgrade on the iPhone XS, but it’s not going to set your pulse racing like the changes Apple is planning for 2020. It’s your choice whether you wait or not but, if you don’t, I suspect you’ll regret it. 


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