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PCS-J Consequence: Shahnawaj of Prayagraj turned choose on the age of 22 22 yr outdated shahnawaz cleared up – jj

PCS-J Consequence: Shahnawaj of Prayagraj turned choose on the age of 22 22 yr outdated shahnawaz cleared up



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Updated: Monday, July 22, 2019, 13:44 (IST)

Prayagraj Shahnawaz Siddiqui of Prayagraj city has achieved great achievement in the PCS J exam which is organized by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission. At the age of 22, Shahnawaz Siddiqui has passed the PCS J exam. At the age where the youth are not able to make the effort to knit their dreams even these days and remain confused about the career, in this way Shahnawaz has become the inspiration for the youth. Born on September 25, 1996, the full education of Shahnawaz has happened in the city of Prayagraj and in his very first attempt, he has made a new record by passing the PCS J exam.

22 year old shahnawaz cleared up

BA LLB's Education from Allahabad University

The most famous Chakia area in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj district is especially identified due to the Atiq Ahmed. Mohammed Shahnawaz was born on September 25, 1996 in this area. Early education took place in the very remote area of ​​the city, Vishnu God Public School, Jalva. Here he studied for Inter. He made the goal of sitting in the examination with BA LLB from Allahabad University.

Preparing with studies

Shahnawaz started preparing for the study and has already achieved success in the endeavor. For the time being, Shahnawaz has now stood in the category of candidates who are in the selection of the PCS J records at the youngest age. Imtiaz Ahmed, father of Shahnawaz, is posted as Assistant Registrar, Low Bench Secretary in Allahabad High Court. His father was the inspiration of Shahnawaz and in his guidance, he studied law and became a judge. Shahnawaz's mother, Billkis Bano, is a Housewife and has always encouraged her to move forward.

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