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Police affidavit particulars probe into how retail crime ring made $1M from stolen gadgets – jj

Police affidavit particulars probe into how retail crime ring made $1M from stolen gadgets


MANCHESTER — An 11-year-old Concord boy has an eBay account —”bestdeals4you603’’ — that has sold more than $1 million in goods since 2018, according to police.

Kyle Perkins arraignment

Kyle Perkins is shown at his arraignment Thursday, July 18, 2019, in Manchester on charges of receiving stolen property.

The boy isn’t some kind of whiz kid entrepreneur, but an unwitting pawn in an organized retail crime ring run by his mother, Shaira Clarissa, 34, and her husband, Kyle Perkins, 27, that yielded more than $1 million by selling stolen items on eBay, investigators allege.

Clarissa and Perkins, both of Concord, and co-defendant Christopher Hill, 31, of Manchester pleaded not guilty in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North last week to charges of receiving stolen property.

In a newly released 22-page police affidavit , Manchester police detective Scott Ardita describes the investigation and the charges behind what prosecutor Patrick Ives described as “the most expansive’’ organized crime enterprise he has ever seen.

After a lengthy investigation by Manchester and Concord police, investigators on Wednesday raided the couple’s businesses, EZ Pawn and Apple Operation on South Willow Street in Manchester, EZ Apple Repair on Main Street in Concord and their Concord home.

In searching the home, prosecutor Patrick Ives told a superior court judge on Thursday, “money was scattered everywhere.’’

The raids resulted in more than 450 items, from tools and electronics to home goods, being seized as evidence, Ives said.

Perkins has a history of receiving stolen property. In a 2011 case, he was found guilty of receiving stolen property while owning a pawn shop in Goffstown.

Ardita writes in the affidavit that Robert Brearley, who is currently serving jail time, told police he would steal electronics from Walmart and sell it to Perkins at his store EZ Apple and iPhone Repair in Goffstown.

Brearley told police Perkins was aware the items were stolen, paying 25 percent of the retail value, then making a 200 percent profit on eBay, the affidavit states.

A key witness in the new case is former EZ Apple Repair employee Robert MacDonald, who cooperated with police, Ardita wrote. MacDonald is not charged in the case.

Police also tracked down people who have pawned an unusual number of items through the EZ pawn shops.

One woman told police she has been stealing from retail stores like Target, Walmart and Rite Aid. She alleges Perkins would accept stolen items “no questions asked.’’

Perkins allegedly had MacDonald photograph used items at the “photo booth’’ in the basement of the Concord store, according to the affidavit. Those photos were then uploaded to eBay site “bestdeals4you603’’ for sale, investigators allege.

MacDonald said that money was transferred to a PayPal account for “tax reasons,” Ardita wrote. All account and item information was saved in a computer file, MacDonald told police.

While some of the stolen items came from car break-ins, the affidavit states, stores including Target and Home Depot reported having new items stolen from their shelves and turning up on the eBay site.

Dyson vacuum cleaners, possibly 20 or more, have been stolen from Target; Home Depot reported an uptick in thefts of power tools, specifically Milwaukee power tools, and power washers, according to the affidavit.

The thefts were reported to the police, but due to “Perkins’ speed and efficiency, the stolen items were received, posted on eBay and sold before police could recover those Dyson products,” Ardita wrote in the affidavit.

A Manchester man contacted Manchester police on Aug. 20, 2018, to report that several electronics, including an IPad, MacBook, Nintendo Switch game console and a Dell laptop were stolen from his vehicle.

Doing some of his own detective work, the victim used the “Find My IPad’’ function to track the MacBook to the area of 102 S. Main St. in Concord, about a block away from EZ Computer and Apple Repair at 202 S. Main St.

According to the affidavit, police found the stolen MacBook and iPad in the Manchester store; neither had been entered in the LeadsOnline system.

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