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Ratan Tata Unique; I fly planes and helicopters, acquire automobiles of the 60s and of right now in order that I do know them | If the Tata Group doesn’t have a lot emphasis on ethics and worth, then we’d go in numerous instructions: Ratan – jj

Ratan Tata Unique; I fly planes and helicopters, acquire automobiles of the 60s and of right now in order that I do know them | If the Tata Group doesn’t have a lot emphasis on ethics and worth, then we’d go in numerous instructions: Ratan


  • Ratan Tata, the 81-year-old businessman of the country, talked about his life in addition to social services, business, music, film and sports.

Pritish Nandy

Pritish Nandy

Jul 22, 2019, 11:53 AM IST

Mumbai. Ratan Tata, who turns Tata Group to the top, has been 81 years old. More than 65% of their property has donated for education, health and villages. Busy after retirement Apart from social service and business, there are collections of cars. Fly the aircraft and helicopters. As well as enjoying music, movies and sports. Edit part of the conversation with them …

Question- Apart from business and social services, what else are you doing now? What things are busy?
answer- I have a lot of love for cars and I have started to collect them.

Question- Old and Antique Cars or New …
answer- No no! 60s cars and today's cars Especially I have a profound interest in their styling and their mechanics. That's why I buy them, so that I can read them. Yes, I still fly the plane of the company. I also fly helicopters. I use them to go to Pune. I have tremendous potential in aviation technology too.

Question: Does anyone like watching the game?
answer- I like to watch football, tennis and golf, but just on TV. Honestly, most of the time, I do not know who is playing. I just enjoy the game capabilities of the players. Asked who is playing, I have no information.

Question: When you became the successor of JRD Tata, what power did you see in this legacy?
answer- The Tata group had a lot of emphasis on ethics and value. If it does not, then we would go in different directions. Wherever we were, there was a sense of self-pride. Unfortunately, not all were in the Tata Group, it was a problem.

Question- have we heard somewhere that your marriage has been happening five times?
answer- four times. Once I was married, I was in the US. However, my grandmother called me by phone and suddenly at that time India waged a war with China and thus I got stuck in this way. That girl got married Later, she found out that her husband died. A few years ago I was sitting at the Bombay House Office when a person gave a slip saying that a woman in Paris has given me to give. This slip was of the same girl. They have their own family, children too. The world is so small. There was a time when we had no contact but today we have met as a friend.

Question: Do you have dogs in your house?
answer- Yes, there are two German Shepherds at my house. We are building a hospital for dogs in Navi Mumbai. I used to feed more than 20 dogs at Colaba's US Club. This process continued till one day when I came to know that they were poisoned and poisoned. Since then, till date I have not even stepped in that club.

Question: Who are your favorite painters?
answer- Laxman is one of the best of them. Akbar Padmasi is also liked. But, I have only one or two paintings. Buying artwork has become expensive. Now I can not apologize to them.

Question: What kind of music do you like?
answer- I like the music of the 60's and 70's. Like Beatles But, I would be very satisfied if I could play classical music. I like shops. Symphony also looks good. Bithovan, like Czechoslovak. But somewhere I feel that I wish I could play them on the piano itself.

Question: Do you ever see movies?
answer- Not in the theater But yes, I look at TV at home. Do not tell me to remember the name. I will insist on reading a book, 'The Art of Racing in the Rain'. I have read five times and every time my eyes are moist.

Question: What solution did you solve the problem of the group?
answer- I tried to bring all the companies of the group into a logo, a brand

Question: – Your Kuligs may have had a problem …

Answer: Actually, the problem was that everyone was to be brought under the Tata Sons, while he himself was his boss for many years. In some ways he would have resentment. The good thing was that JRD was with me in making changes. Although it could be after them.

Question: Do you make a priority brand in Tata, person-product or new business?

In Tata Steel, I came from the shop floor as a young man. I had also seen the conditions that when Tata Steel did not talk to Tata Engineering. Tata Engineering did not talk to Tata Chemicals It was a waste of time. Tata-T had to buy something that Tata Engineering could give, even then Tata-T looked out for it. In this way we were losing lots of opportunities, because we were not one. When the integration took place, most of the companies came together and started recognizing each other as Tata Group. He started talking about joint revenues, sizes and benefits.

Question: According to you, what will be the business of the future or where should TATA be invested?
answer- This is a difficult question. If you look at our big businesses, steel will never be able to get out of it. It will always be the foundation of the industry. It will be associated with the growth or decline of the economy in different rounds. Steel can never be replaced by rubber, wood or aluminum. There can be no alternative to traffic in this manner. However, due to competition in this sector, the business will be difficult due to this.

Question: Do you have a motive with traffic and aviation business?
answer- No. I am talking about road transport. Almost every car company in the world is in India. So there is competition. But we should not ban imports but rather try to be better than them. Sometimes we used to be number two in it, today we are at number five. We have to ask what we should do so that we can regain our old market position.

Question- Should you have it in today's FAANG ecnomen, which has Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google?
answer- I do not think we could be in this area. I think it was very difficult for any Indian company to be in this area because we could not have the mentality to succeed in this field.

Question: Is there a place for startups in your institute?
answer- Yes, the place is there. But I do not think we have people who can fill this place. Sergey Brin and Larry Page thought of Google when they came out of college, could it be in Hindustan, I doubt it.

Question: Does your mentality restrain you in traditional areas?
answer- Our mentality is no different from other companies like General Motors, General Electric, Automobile and Steel companies. Going into other areas is as if a bank should be asked to become a block and chain company, it can not be so. It is probably possible that some of our new companies can connect with people who bring a new mindset, with the help of which to think about going to new areas.

(This interview is for Harper Collins's forthcoming book Peerless Minds, especially for readers of Bhaskar, edited by Pritish Nandy and Tapan Chaki.)

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