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Request- Isn't Marriage Simply Prostitution? – jj

Request- Isn't Marriage Simply Prostitution?

Yes and no and sometimes, it’s even worse! Protection money! Cappy delves into the lines of where marriage is prostitution and when it’s love. Truth at a …



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  1. No. marriage is love between husband and wife. Friendship, romance, trust everything. I am a woman, married to my Sweet husband and I love him a lot

    …. So for me marriage is not prostitution

  2. modern western civilization where unusual emphasis on individual freedom and sexual revolution leading to loss of sanctity of wedlock and break down of family unit becoming obsolete… is causing people to compare a holy union of marriage with an unholy union of fornication and adultery

    this is a civilization that has entered the phase of decline and destruction

  3. BTW if anybody sees this later about marriage:
    If you really really want to or circumstances require so, better AT LEAST go the common-law path rather than tying the knot all the way. In most countries it can make a big difference in separation – and even if those are petty things it's still superior to "just marriage".

  4. Brazilian here. The leftists who are pushing for the legalization of prostitution, are the same ones promoting the feminist disease, and turning average college girls into worthless sluts, lesbians-because-everyone-else-is-doing-it, and hideous freaks, on par with those you have in USA, Canada, UK, etc, which spells doom for societal cohesiveness in a future not too far.

    Their interest in legalizing prostituition is because with legalization comes regulation, sindicalization and taxation. And that's it. They want to rob and parasite the prostitutes, as they do with the rest of us.

  5. Marriage is not the equivalent of prostitution, at least not anymore. Marriage used to garnish the man a lot of arguably positive things (at least on paper) — it ensured him significant custody of children, acted as a medium of civilized mate guarding to prevent women from committing adultery (at least far, far back), allowed him to court his wife (before marital rape became a thing), and gave a more stable environment for raising children.

    Absolutely NONE of that is true today, so

    prostitution > marriage

  6. I think Mark rudov hit the nail on the head. Just don't pay for sex. Don't have a marriage where the earning is unequally distributed. I've had a marriage that has been like that and it worked very well. She worked quite a bit during our 40 years. She stayed home with the kids when they were very little but went back to work part time once they were out of diapers. She worked when I went back to school for three years. She worked full time most of our last 20 years before retirement. As long as you find a woman who will pull her share of the load, marriage should be able to work. Just don't start treating her like a princess.

  7. Marriage is not prostitution, dummy. It's one of the pillars of civilization. It's an institution that creates the best environment for raising offspring in human societies. Just forget about that Disney bullshit you've been fed. Marriage is not about "finding your soulmate" or other idiotic lies like that. It's a MAN and a WOMAN committed for life to the creation of a fucking household in which would be the best environment for raising children, in order to instill the best values. It's for raising children the right way and to leave a legacy. Now, come at me, losers! Can't wait to destroy you with facts and reason! 😀

  8. Men, if you look at a date as an exchange of services rather than a night out with someone you enjoy being with, A) you probably have poor taste in women (or have only bad choices to choose from), and B) you're not ready for marriage. And if you think you'll know if she is marriage material on date #1 instead of date #50, your risk-reward analysis is all risk and likely no reward.

  9. "Isnt marriage prostitution?" Yep only a way worse version in the guy gets a shit load of things he didnt want and if he wants to leave he'll be paying long after the transaction is complete. Then there's the "cheaper to keep her" crowed that live in misery to avoid getting destroyed.

  10. Definitely not getting married. My mom told me many times growing up that she was only there for us (didnt have money and needed to support us). Also it was an arranged marriage with no real love. All a bullshit arrangement that my dad got pushed into. Pretty insane. Wrap it up everytime you hookup with someone and fuck a hooker if you are on a dry spell (be very careful and do the research for your local listings)

  11. At least with prostitution, it's a known service: you pay, you get the sex. With marriage (and dating), you pay and MIGHT get sex. Maybe next time, though.

    Basically, if it Flies, Floats or F*cks: It's usually cheaper to rent it.

  12. Don't get married guy's it's a trap. Especially considering the fact that over 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce and we all know divorce courts screw men. 90% of the time women wins custody of the child. She also usually ends up taking 50-75% of your assets be they financial or whatever. Not to mention in some cases the guy is forced to pay a fortune in alimony every month. Even a pre nuptial agreement cannot protect you from this.

    Prenuptial agreements are, at best, a partial solution to obviating some of the risks of marital property disputes in times of divorce. They protect minimal assets and are not the final word. In many countries they aren't even enforceable.

    Another thing a prenup cannot include is child support or child custody issues. The court has the final say in calculating child support and we all know how those go for guys

    It also cannot waive the woman's 'right' to alimony.

    Why should we as men get ourselves into such a shitty deal. Pump and Dump boys. That's the only way to go

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