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Rescue 911 – "Pool Youngster" – jj

Rescue 911 – "Pool Youngster"

A lifeguard gives mouth-to-mouth underwater when a boy’s hand is caught in a swimming pool drain. This segment was taken from Episode 106 which aired October 10, 1989 on CBS.

Vote for Rescue 911 to be released on DVD at http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/showinfo.cfm?showID=3531 and to be put back on television at http://www.petitiononline.com/res911/petition.html

©1989 CBS Inc.


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  1. Pool Drains ?

    Worlds most scariest thing on earth. Very dangerous and scary
    Here my story

    When I was 2 my dad and mum and me went swimming. I went in the pool. I'd never seen a pool drain before, I went up to one and put m&s foot on it. The suction was fast and strong but it let me go and I had no problem. But I got tired and went to sleep in the sun bed. I dreamed about poo, drains and I thought they would suck you right down and kill you but when I woke up we were in the house. I must of been takin home. But the next day we went and I went back in the pool and back to the drain. Then it started making scary noises like you know some do. And i swam away from it. Then when ever my parents was close to one I would cry. And I never really went into the pool. I do still but I keep way away from the drains. One pool drain looked like the drains you find on the sides of the roads. No safe cover? I'm 10 now, 2004 the drain covers were horrible. Some didn't even have a cover! And drains can suck you down and kill you. THEY CATCH YOUR HAIR IN RHE DRAIN! Seriously, drains are very scary, keep away from the monsters!

  2. You might be thinking of the Unsolved Mysteries episode where a mom and baby were in a car crash on a cold night. The mom died, and passing motorists saw her ghost by the crash site and got help. The baby survived.

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