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Samsung Galaxy A80 rotating digital camera proven off in new video – jj

Samsung Galaxy A80 rotating digital camera proven off in new video


Samsung Galaxy A80

The Samsung Galaxy A80 features an innovative camera system, the camera rotates to the front and back, this means it can be used for Selfies and also for the rear camera.

The Galaxy A80 camera system is made up of three camera sensors, one come with a 48 megapixel sensor, the second has an 8 megapixel sensor and the third is a 3D depth sensor, have a look atn the video below.

The Galaxy A80 allows users to capture and share the world around them as they see it, when they see it, where they see it. With the Galaxy A80’s rotating camera, excellent quality photos and videos that capture your experiences as they happen are no longer confined to the rear camera. With just a tap, users can harness such rear camera features as 4K UHD Video recording and Super Steady for their selfie capturing.

You can find out more information about the innovative camera system on the Galaxy A80 over at Samsung’s website at the link below.

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