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Sectional storage doorways – jj

Sectional storage doorways

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Video Sectional doors for garage from Intec-Doors
Specially designed for a residential environment of single-family homes and neighborhood communities of up to 30 vehicles.
High quality doors, innovation and design. They adapt perfectly to the market of the new construction although they are especially indicated for the one of the later renovation by their characteristics of adaptability to the dimension and form of any opening that has the garage. Strong points: When opening vertically upwards and remaining located under the roof, the PRIMUS door leaves the light hole completely open, without invading any space around it. The engine is fixed on the roof of the garage and the door slides through side guides that only need a space of 100 mm on both sides opening (one lintel is sufficient above the door). Günther-Tore is the only manufacturer that offers 15% more thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to a 45 mm thick uniform panel and a PU polyethylene foam padding ( 100% CFC free), made from pentane gas. Unique garage ventilation function in Spain, with the PRIMUS doors a simple click on the remote control allows the s The upper ection of the door tilts slightly inwards, facilitating the renovation of the air in the garage with the door closed. The most requested parts and pieces during the movement of the door come in standard stainless steel. Standard equipment with torsion springs that they provide a smooth and silent operation of the door. Safety: all the doors and automations have been tested as an operating unit, in all versions and combinations, obtaining the corresponding TÃœV certificate in accordance with the standard of doors UNE-EN 13241-1 . They also offer both mechanical and electronic safety. PRIMUS 100 model: composed of horizontal sections, with sandwich-type steel panels 45 mm, with hard foam filling (100% CFC-free), high thermal and acoustic insulation. With anti-pinching profile for fingers and hands. Door up to 6 m wide. CLASSIC – exterior surface with rough relief (imitation wood) and micro-suspended. SICKE – exterior surface with rough relief (imitation wood) and corrugated.ELEGANCE – smooth and micro-sloped exterior surface.S-LINE – exterior surface smooth and ribbed.Exterior: wide range of standard RAL colors, any RAL color on demand.Interior: smooth surface, discrete ribbed, pre-washed RAL 9002.Great variety of options: integrated pedestrian door, additional side door with the same finish, windows or entire glazed section, portholes, ventilation grilles, etc., so that the PRIMUS door can adapt perfectly to the design and architecture requirements of your home. PRIMUS 100 ROYAL model: composed of horizontal sections and vertical double wall divisions with profiles of anodised aluminum E6 / EV1 color aluminum natural. The sections thus formed receive a filling of alustucco or smooth, lacquered in RAL color to choose. It is also possible to order a transparent or translucent single or double acrylic plexus filling. PRIMUS 100 WOOD WOOD: a 100% solid wood door (white spruce), 45 mm thick. Three types of surfaces (cuarterones, smooth, horizontal anacalado). Different types of treatment and colors. Dimensions up to 4000 mm wide and 2500 mm high.


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