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Thailand Common Well being Insurance coverage Costs – jj

Thailand Common Well being Insurance coverage Costs

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  1. you retired at 45..really…………………..?
    You must be millionaire.
    Any ways…I wanted to retire in Thailand. Been there many times..and around different months to see if I could adapt myself.
    One issue was the medical coverage. I live in Scandinavia..and my ALL medical is all free and unlimited.
    However..I thought I must be able to buy medical coverage,..if I save money on domestic expenses.
    But..medical plan gets extremely expensive for me…Euro..500 pm..is a lot.
    Doest make any sense.

  2. the video is to old check out now it a lot more bangkok is a no go if you get sick banglomok is as good as any all my kids was born there  in bangkok 10000 each one banlomok around 1000 and the doctor that deliver the kid work in bangkok hospital all doctor that work in other hospitals have to work there so don't be worry ,

  3. hi JC enjoying your vlogs. Seems to me that heath insurance is more expensive at $200-$300 per month. just pay if you need medical care at the low costs. I am planning on moving to Thailand next year is this correct?

  4. I went to a doctors office in Koh Chang in 2016 with a couple infected burns from a motorcycle. He cleaned them and gave me amoxicillin and charged me 3,000 bhat for about 25 mins work. I was told afterwards to go to the clinic and was charged 150 bhat to clean and Change the bandages.

  5. 51-60 years old……What about 61-65 or 66-70 or 70-80 or 81-90?

    You should not try and sugar coat the situation…
    You cannot hardly even get insurance in Thailand after the age of 65 with out paying outrageous premiums for health care… That is a fact….

  6. Hi JC, thanks for the great info. I'm 49 next month and I've heard it's better to signup for health insurance in Thailand before 50 years old because you get it for a much better rate starting a bit younger. Any truth to that as far as you know? Thanks!

  7. In one of your videos you said that you would like to know how to say "there is always an option" in Thai.  My Thai wife suggested a couple of Thai expressions both of which means there are a lot of choices. 

    มีทางเลือกเยอะแยะ  and  มีตัวเลือกมากมาย

    As you know, there are many ways of saying the same thing; this is just one of the reasons that I find learning the language so difficult, but also so interesting. The most difficult aspect of the language, in my opinion, is, of course, that it is a tonal language, as you have mentioned.

    I find your videos very helpful as one of the sources of information I access as my wife and I do our due diligence in preparation for our permanent move to Thailand in a couple of years.  My wife is Thai, but she has been living in the US since our marriage 22 years ago, and much has changed in her home country in that time. – So, thank you for your good work; if I continue to access your videos, I will join your blog.

    Sidney Leonard

  8. @Geoffery Rose You must have replies turned off because I cannot reply to your linked comments. The costs vary so much from hospital to hospital and city to city. Local hospital or medical tourism hospital. And what tests?

  9. Reference some of the comments below – this bloke seems pretty straight to me.

    Health is an issue. In the European Union you can get (free) an EHIC card which covers you. I'd prefer SE Asia to the Mediterranean or Canaries, but i) ageing relatives (and the need for cheap flights home), plus ii) health cover, might mean that for a Brit somewhere in the EU might have its advantages.  

  10. You are really a terrible person. How can you make yourself throw bad words against a decent person like JC whom are doing a lot work to help people to a better life and enjoy their pension? How can you at all put yourself down on the lowest level and throw bad words against people at all whether you think they are good or bad, only bad people will do that. From what i can see from your picture, you are no longer among the very young people, so you should have learnt how to behave by now.

  11. I agree with TCM regarding medical tourism. I know you have touched on this subject and thanks for that but as most are looking to retire it really is a top priority. MAYBE include this info in your survival kit… 🙂

  12. Thanks for this great post J.C. I will turn 50 yrs old this year and my Health Insurance in California has increased 25% over last yrs cost. After I turn 50, Yikes!!! who knows how much it will be? The same coverage is about five times as much as it was in my 30's. YES not a typo 5X increase. Thank you Pres.Obama NOT

  13. One topic I would love to see addressed is medical tourism. It is a hot topic and what would be helpful, is some type of central location of information where someone could evaluate the quality of various hospitals, clinics , physicians and general care so that people can combine trips to Thailand for healthcare and also take advantage of seeing places of interest while here.
    There is an international convention in Las Vegas this November of Medical tourism, I hope Thailand is well represented .

  14. Actually, I was not responding to the point you are now focused on..you had said " I do not think any country has FREE health care for tourists.".. to which I responded if non citizens enter United States, they can have access. It is these people that creditors cannot file liens. I have personally witnessed at least 500 people over the years from Mexico access our health care and return to Mexico, no payment rendered.
    Lastly, All one do is file bankruptcy if they are citizens..happens everyday.

  15. Yes, many people in the USA are taken care of if they do not have insurance… it is the law and hospitals can not refuse patients if they have no insurance. Since I have been a health insurance broker for 25 years, I have run into this quite a bit.
    Most hospitals write off millions each year especially from people they cannot collect from. The biggest offenders are from Mexico.

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