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The woman's household at college, The Finish of Love Story, killed the trainer in entrance of kids. trainer murdered – jj

The woman's household at college, The Finish of Love Story, killed the trainer in entrance of kids. trainer murdered



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Updated: Monday, July 22, 2019, 20:26 (IST)

Shahjahanpur. While teaching at school in Shahjahanpur, UP teacher was shot dead. Teacher's teacher was walking in love. The teacher was passing through the house. Some people came to the school about this and pulled the teacher first. After that he was shot and killed by putting a pistol in his mouth. At the moment, the police reached the spot and sent the body to the postmortem and the matter has started investigating.

teacher murdered

The incident is from Azizpur Elementary School in Nigohi. At school, Satendra Sharma was studying children, only about a dozen people entered inside the school and grabbed the teacher and beat him first. A teacher and teacher were present in the class, but the teacher managed to run away from school after getting the opportunity. But the attackers surrounded the teacher and put a pistol in his mouth and shot him. After that the attacker dragged the teacher and brought him two hundred meters away from the school and left him in the field and fled. After the incident there is an atmosphere of panic in the area and children are also scared. At the moment, after reaching the spot, the police reached the spot and took the dead body to postmortem. The relatives who came to the spot accused the teacher of killing the family.

According to the family, before that his son Satendra and teacher used to teach together in another school. Love affair took place in both of them, but teacher's family members opposed it. Many times, threatening to kill Satendra was also threatened. Due to this, Satinder was transferred to another school. The families have demanded to catch the accused soon.

The children said that Guruji and Didi were teaching us people. Only then some people brought a gun and started to beat Guruji. Didi escaped from there. After that, a gun shot inside Guruji's mouth and shot him. Guruji was released after leaving the school and fled. SP City Dinesh Tripathi says that the murder case of a teacher in school has come to light. The event is being told due to love and context. The police has sent the bodies to postmortem. Terror will be filed as soon as the lawsuit is filed and the culprits will be arrested.

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