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Essentially the most love the woman used to do, she took her to Haryana and bought it, three occasions which was the deal. lover – jj

Essentially the most love the woman used to do, she took her to Haryana and bought it, three occasions which was the deal. lover



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Updated: Monday, July 22, 2019, 17:17 (IST)

Bagpat In the Baghpat of UP, a shameful case came to light, which will also surprise you. Zidafroshi's abominable hands have emerged in the district. Here a woman was trapped in the love trap and then pushed the body into the swamps of trade. The painful story of the destruction of the life of a woman has started when a woman was taken away from home after showing her boyfriend's dream of love lover 6 years ago from Sujra village. The ghost of Ishq came down from the head of the woman when she came to know that the person who promised her love ran away from her in exchange for a few rupees in Panipat in Haryana.


The head of the troubles of the woman's head was broken. In the love of which he had been kicking his family, he pushed him into the darkness of Jismophoshi. Not only once but women's fate has been traded at times. The whole case is from the village of Sujra in Kotwali area. A young woman who lived here lived 6 years ago in the nearby village palace. Both were laughing at their life.

This woman, a young man from Putthi village, was trapped in her love affair and fled from the woman and fled to Haryana by selling a woman in Panipat. There were a dozen boys and girls already present there. After that the woman was kept in Kandhla district Shamli and after that she was taken to Meerut. The woman was sold for three times for Jismafroshi At present, the victim has two children and is struggling with life and death. The families are also pleading for justice. However this case has come to the police's notice. The police has not got any type of telegrap so far and the police is talking about the fair investigation of the case.

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